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Welcome To Pace University’s Inaugural Retention Conference

Going The Extra Mile: Data-Driven, Student-Focused Retention Strategies That Work

One of Pace’s most critical strategic initiatives is to increase the persistence, retention and, ultimately, graduation rates of our undergraduate students. We have been on an interesting journey of discovery over recent years and now have a much better appreciation of the complexities of supporting students to persist. As we all know, there is no silver bullet! However, there are strategies and initiatives that work better than others. There is also an increasing acknowledgment of the importance of data in driving differentiated strategies. It, therefore, seemed timely to invite colleagues equally passionate about student retention to get together and share best practices.

Pace University’s inaugural Retention Conference was held on Friday, June 16th with 150 participants from 25 colleges hailing from across the east coast. It featured ten workshops, and eight roundtables, in addition to a morning keynote by Dr. Scott Evenbeck, President Guttman Community College, and lunchtime speaker Ed Venit from Educational Advisory Board (EAB).

Thank you to all those who attended and presented! The day was filled with positive energy, fabulous ideas and exciting plans for future partnerships!

Any presentations and handouts that were sent to us have been posted here.

We look forward to continuing our conversations and ongoing collaboration!