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Office of the Provost

CDFPT Application Procedure

Individual (Self), Departmental, and School Nomination

Academic departments and/or college/schools form Tenure and Promotion (TAP) Committees to recommend faculty for consideration by the CDFPT. The names of TAP Committee members are public knowledge. Nominations may also be presented through self-nomination. In either case, all candidates must send a brief letter of intent to the Dean of their College/School as well as a copy to the Provost’s Office by end of May (see timetable for specific dates). It is assumed that candidates have had discussions regarding promotion and/or tenure progress with their chairs and dean and expectations are clear. There is no prescription by which TAP Committees are formed. Organization varies and reflects the nature and values of the particular department/school/college faculty. The composition of such committees assures that candidates receive equitable and full consideration of their qualifications for promotion and/or tenure. Candidates being considered cannot be members of a TAP Committee. Student evaluations are also considered in the review conducted by the TAP Committee.

Application Procedures

The CDFPT application material must arrive at the Office of the Provost according to the deadline schedule.

All departmental and/or school/college recommendations for promotion and/or tenure are forwarded to the CDFPT through the Office of the Provost. Copies should be sent to the Academic Dean by the first week of October (see timetable for specific dates). Faculty not nominated by the Committee can then nominate themselves by submitting a letter to the Office of the Provost and the appropriate Academic Dean by the first week of December (see timetable for specific dates).

Information submitted by the college, school, department and/or individual to the CDFPT includes:

1. Fact Sheet completed by the candidate summarizing his/her educational background, teaching experience and relevant professional activities. This form is submitted to the appropriate Dean by the first week of September (see timetable for specific dates) and verified by their office within one week. It is then submitted to the CDFPT through the Office of the Provost. Nothing is added to this form.

2. Evaluation of Promotion and/or Tenure Recommendation Form(s) are completed by: (1) the Department; (2) self-nominee; (3) the School/College TAP committee; and (4) the Chairperson of the Department. If the nominee is a Department Chair, the Dean of the School or a senior colleague completes this evaluation. Thus, at least two evaluation forms will be submitted on each candidate.

The recommendations can be submitted as formal reports should the authors prefer. All evaluation forms must also be prepared and forwarded by the preparer of the form to the CDFPT through the Office of the Provost.

3. Confidential letters of recommendation. These letters are solicited through each Academic Deans’ offices. Each faculty member provides the names and addresses of references to be considered to their respective Dean by June prior to the year (see timetable for specific dates) applying for tenure and/or promotion. The Dean solicits these letters on a confidential basis. The letters are sent directly to the Deans by the last week of September (see timetable for specific dates). The Deans will then forward them to the Departmental and School tenure and promotion (TAP) Committee and to the Office of the Provost for distribution to the CDFPT by the last week of September. All information considered by the CDFPT, including departmental recommendations, is available to the candidate except for confidential letters of recommendation solicited by the candidate. Letters not solicited by the candidate or the Dean will be shown to the candidate who decides whether or not to include them in the dossier. All documents not available to the candidate will be provided to the CDFPT through the Provost Office, by the school and uploaded into Interfolio.

4. Faculty eDossier. The candidate prepares this eDossier, which is not required of adjunct faculty. All eDossier materials must be submitted to the CDFPT. eDossiers include: curriculum vitae; executive summary; teaching portfolio; scholarship/research portfolio; professional/practicum portfolio (optional); appendices; and an addendum. All materials included in the eDossier are considered public information and are not confidential. Copies of formal evaluations by outside reviewers are not placed in the dossier, and neither are confidential letters and are made available to all TAP committee members at the all levels and the Chair. eDossiers prepared by the individual faculty member must be submitted to the CDFPT by second week of December (see timetable for specific dates).

The required forms are available in the Deans’ offices, the Office of the Provost and on-line via the Provost’s homepage.