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NYSED COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Certificate Application Instructions (Expires September 1, 2021)

  1. From TEACH, select Apply for Certificate.
  2. Choose your Area of Interest (Classroom Teacher / Administration / Classroom Teacher Extensions)
  3. Select the Subject Area (Adolescent / Childhood...)
  4. Choose the Grade Level (1-6 / 7-12..)
  5. Select Title and Type (Emergency COVID-19) then Add.

Pathway = Individual Evaluation, you must have one COVID-19 application for each Initial or Extension that requires any test(s) you were unable to take or pass. COVID-19 Certificates require a manual evaluation by NYSED which can take "up to" 16 weeks.

A COVID-19 Certificate application without a matching Initial, Professional, Extension, or TransB application will not be processed by NYSED. Two (2) applications are required, one for the regular certificate and one for the COVID-19 Certificate.

Candidates must apply for the Emergency COVID-19 certificate, in the same certificate title for each certificate or extension sought. The example above shows a Childhood (Red Arrow) and a SWD (Purple Arrow) certificate application. Note - each Initial certificate application has a matching COVID-19 application.

Deadline for Applications

Candidates must meet eligibility requirements and apply for the certificate on or before September 1, 2021.

Application Fees

No fee for the Emergency COVID-19 certificate.

COVID Certificate Requirement

Applications are "Ready for Review" once a College Recommendation is entered, DASA workshop listed on TEACH, and fingerprints have been received. Some items will appear "unmet" until a NYSED staff member changes it to "met". Once the COVID Certificate issues the Initial/Professional certificate application will remain on your TEACH account until all exams are passed. After all exams are passed the Initial/Professional will replace the "temporary" COVID Certificate. Take note of the COVID Certificate expiration date.

Pace University will not remind you to take the exam(s) required before your "temporary" COVID certificate expires. Failure to pass the required NYS Certification exams before the COVID Certificate expiration date will result in a loss of certification.