2019 Summer STEM Institute Kicks Off on Governors Island! 

The Summer STEM Institute, hosted by Pace Seidenberg School of Computer Science and The STEM Collaboratory NYC®, kicked off this week with a visit to Governors Island, where students learned all about the Billion Oyster Project (BOP)! Pace School of Education professor, Dr. Lauren Birney, serves as the Principal Investigator on the $2.5 million NSF (National Science Foundation DRL 1839656/PI Lauren Birney) grant that provides funds for this 2-week summer STEM program, which is open to local high school students free of charge. This project is supported by the NSF STEM+C program and advances its mission by integrating computational thinking, data literacy, and statistical concepts with a field-based STEM curriculum model for under-served middle school students that focuses on science fields associated with habitat monitoring and environmental restoration. In addition to the Billion Oyster Project, other partners include New York City Public Schools, CUNY York, and Baruch Colleges. Learn more about the grant: https://bit.ly/2SasBDo


2019 Summer STEM Institute