Alumni Kristen DeRosa Speaks to TCH 410 Students


At the School of Education, the strong ties we develop with our students are maintained far beyond graduation, and throughout their careers as alumni. Because of this, our alumni always embrace the opportunity to give back to the school, by engaging current students with speaking events.

Recently, Childhood Education alumni, Kristen DeRosa ’15 spoke to Professor Cathy Lopane-Chulla’s, TCH 410 Teaching Fluent Readers, class. Her visit was well-received by the students, and they enjoyed hearing about her experience, especially as a Pace SOE Alum. Kristen, who now teaches at the Tarrytown School District, provided a ‘real’ glimpse into the life of a teacher. She spoke about the importance of student teaching, navigating the system, putting students first, and what to expect their first year of teaching.

But enough from us, check out what our TCH 410 students thought!

“I found the visit from Kristen DeRosa to be very helpful. She gave great insight on what our careers as teachers are going to be like when we leave Pace. She was very knowledgeable in the field and hearing her experience was so useful, especially that she is a Pace University Alumni.”

“Today’s speaker was truly insightful on what teaching is really like. I thought it was so helpful to have a former Pace School of Education Graduate tell us about her experience. She gave us a look into what’s to come…and how to be prepared as a first year teacher… My biggest take away was that overall, your students truly come first because their life, safety, and education is in your hands. The speaker was so great, I would love to see her back and stay in contact with her throughout my career as an educator.”

“I thought the speaker today was a huge help. To have the opportunity to hear from not only a new teacher but a new teacher who has gone through the Pace was great. She has many helpful tips for us as soon to be teachers and I am grateful to have been a part of that.”

“I thought the guest speaker in class was very informative and realistic. She mentioned things in a classroom that you do not really learn until you get there (classroom management, first year stress, etc.) and it was really nice having someone give a heads up on what to expect out of our first few years in our own classrooms!”

“I really liked the part where she expressed how important it is to look at the students not just to check if they are present but to check how they are doing and feeling. To look into their eyes to get to know them deeply and show them we are here for them.​”


A warm thank you to Kristen, for giving back, and to all our alumni, you will always hold a special place in our hearts!