The School of Education held a collaboration event last week, with both Pace University undergraduate student leaders and Pace High School students. The presentation was orchestrated by Michael Cordova, Associate Director of Pace Student Development and Campus Activities, and included a panel discussion with students from a variety of majors who shared authentic experiences and information that was well-received by the high school juniors and seniors. In addition to the presentation, Pace High School students were given an informative campus tour, which afforded them opportunities to interact with a host of our students.
Collaborative events such as these, provide the opportunity for open dialogue between the schools and also encourage Pace High School students to consider Pace University as a valuable resource for both their academic and career-oriented needs. Not only did the high school students learn about our educational programs, but also got a sense of student life, campus events, organizations, and service-learning projects. 
For over 15 years, the School of Education and its faculty has closely collaborated with Pace High School and provides resources of the entire university, such as access to classes, libraries, computer labs, and recreational facilities. This partnership grants extraordinary learning opportunities for the high school, as well as teaching opportunities for the School of Education students.
                             Pace High School students in a classroom        Pace High School students in a classroom