Dr. Oumar Sarr Receives Ainsley Adams Award

On Tuesday, November 5th, Pace University School of Education held a ceremony on the Pleasantville campus to honor Dr. Oumar Sarr for being this year's recipient of the Ainsley Adams Award. Ainsley Adams was a beloved educator on the Westchester campus with a passion for global education. This award acknowledges his work and highlights young educators who follow in his footsteps.

Dr. Oumar Sarr is an alumnus of the School of Education, who received his MST in Adolescent Education and a doctoral degree from Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Services. He currently is a French teacher at Ossining High School. The ceremony was well attended and consisted of students, faculty, and staff from both Pace University and Ossining High School.
Having been born and raised in Senegal, Africa, and then pursuing higher education in the United States, Dr. Sarr spoke about his journey home to Senegal. With the drive and determination to make an impact on the way students learned, and a fresh approach to education technology he shared, "I came to realize that when you come to a country, you have to be open, to learn about the culture, learn about the history, and to accept people's ways." Using basic technology - a laptop, a projector, and a portable screen, he was able to give these students a visual experience that included stories about their very own ancestral history. Stories they could relate to. This method provided new hope to students, allowing them to perform better and remain in school.  
Another observation included the Senegal students' thirst to read and the teacher's ambition to encourage it. Because Senegal did not have an abundance of books at their disposal, educators would come in early to class and hand write text from storybooks so that the students could practice the skill of reading. And so began the ongoing book project, where Ossining High School students collect barrels of books and ship them across the sea to Senegal. Through this project, Senegal students not only experience the joy of reading but also know what it is like to physically cradle a book in their hands. 
To date, Dr. Sarr continues his global education journey with Senegal through his work at The Dakar Institute, and concluded with a powerful message that "education is not a one size fits all." Global teaching should not be viewed through a domestic lens, and "going back to the traditional ways helps you see education from a different light."
Dr. Oumar Sarr delivered a message that was inspirational and honed in on the importance of global education. His work connecting students across the globe continues to impact the lives of so many and will do so for generations to come. 
Dr. Oumar Sarr and his wife, Kristina Sarr                     FEA Members Jenna Sharkey and 
                                                                                             Caroline Migliaro opened the ceremony
Dr. Fran Falk-Ross spoke about the late Ainsley Adams     Dr. Christine Clayton introduced Dr. Oumar Sarr
           Dr. Peter McDermott presented the Ainsley Adams Award