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Security and Emergency Management

Parking & Traffic Guidelines

Parking at the Westchester Campuses

Parking is only available on the Pleasantville and White Plains Law School campuses. All students, faculty, staff, contract employees and visitors must display a valid parking decal or temporary hang tag and are obligated to adhere to the University’s parking regulations (PDF) at all times while on campus.

Parking is limited and obtaining a parking decal does not guarantee the availability or location of a parking space. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not a valid reason for violating Pace University’s parking regulations.

We encourage all members of the University community to park in one place and take advantage of our beautiful, scenic campuses by walking between locations. 

Request Pace Parking Decal.

Faculty/Staff/Contract Employees

Pace University parking decals will be issued to faculty, staff, and contract employees. Parking decals do not expire and require a onetime registration; however, if any vehicle changes occur a new decal is required. 

Commuter Students

Parking decals do not expire and require a onetime registration; however, if any vehicle changes occur a new decal is required. 

Resident Upperclassman Students

Parking decals expire August 31 of each academic year and must be renewed on a year basis. Resident students are entitled to only one registered vehicle.

If you do not register your vehicle and you are identified, all citations accrued on that vehicle will be placed on your Office of Student Assistance account.  You will be responsible for payment of citations.

Resident First Year/Freshman Parking Policy (Pleasantville Campus)

Resident First Year/Freshman Students are not authorized to have vehicles on campus at any time (including weekends) for the duration of their first year (fall and spring semesters). The University offers a daily shuttle service providing transportation for students on campus, to Memorial Plaza in Pleasantville and to the White Plains Law School and New York City campuses.

First year resident students who require a car on campus, due to extenuating circumstances, must submit a written petition to the Vincent Beatty, Executive Director of Safety & Security at

First year resident students who have not received a Pace University parking decal, but have been identified by other means as having a vehicle on campus, will be held responsible for violating this policy.


All visitors to the Pace University Pleasantville and White Plains Law School campuses that require parking must display a valid temporary tag on their vehicle dashboard.  Members of the University community are responsible for their guests and the citations they may receive.  Students, Faculty and staff may apply for a temporary parking permit for their guests via the Parking Administration site.  Visitors to campus must comply with all regulations in the Parking and Traffic Guide. Visitors who do not comply with the parking regulations may have their vehicle towed or banned from campus. Visitors must park in Lots O, T & R.