What can I do with a Computer Science Degree?

With a BS or BA in Computer Science, you will:

  • Study sought-after areas like cybersecurity, Big Data, and mobile technologies.
  • Build it, code it—apply current technologies in the design and implementation of computing solutions, learning how to manipulate coding for the cleanest, most efficient result.
  • Take part in collaborative projects locally and globally, developing leadership skills in a professional team.

With an MS in Computer Science from Pace, you will distinguish yourself from the rest in this exciting and dynamic field. Whatever you are passionate about, computer science will enable you to explore, discover, and employ a wealth of skills and techniques that will help you achieve your goals. Learn how to create mobile apps and games, study artificial intelligence and its applications, master cryptography and computer security—all of these specialties and more are options at Seidenberg.

Career Paths Include

  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare IT
  • Computer programming
  • Mobile app development
  • Video game programming
  • Big Data analytics
  • Telehealth