"[Dr. Lawler's web design class] helped to create many of my relationships with the faculty and students in the Seidenberg building and I am truly appreciative of that."
– Melanie Greene, Class of 2017

When Melanie first started at Pace University, she was an undecided major and was taking classes in sociology and film. During her sophomore year, however, she took her first programming class – a class that ended up changing her life.

The class was CIS 102W Web Design for a Not-for-Profit Organization, taught by Dr. James Lawler. In the class, Dr. Lawler had students partner with individuals with disabilities and use technology to create something to make their lives better. Her experiences in the class helped Melanie decide that she wanted to learn how to combine her interests with technology.

“If I had not taken Dr. Lawler’s class, I wouldn’t have known where I would be today,” says Melanie. “It helped to create many of my relationships with the faculty and students in the Seidenberg building and I am truly appreciative of that.”

From that point onwards, Melanie became very interested in web design and learning more about technology and its benefits. She spoke to Seidenberg Dean, Dr. Jonathan Hill, and, with his support and guidance, declared her major in Computer Science, with a minor in Marketing.

As her degree progressed, Melanie took more computer programming classes, with a focus on web design and social media. She was learning how to link her interests with business and technology – a perfect combination in today’s job market.

Like fellow Seidenberg student Ben Ackert, Melanie is big on community service. She frequently gets involved with the AHRC, working on research projects to help people with disabilities better manage their health and become more independent, and also taking part in Pace University’s annual Celebration of Individuals with Disabilities in Film Marathon, which is held in conjunction with the AHRC.

She is also active in Seidenberg’s mentoring program, volunteers at the New York City marathon, and is a representative for Pace’s Live on New York not-for-profit program, which requires her to host events on campus. One of these events has been advertising the benefits of becoming an organ donor.

In appreciation of her work with individuals with disabilities, Dr. Lawler nominated Melanie for the Jefferson Award, an honor she received.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Melanie also attended the 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing with several other students and Seidenberg staff, and spent the summer interning at broadcasting company SiriusXM.

So what’s one of Melanie’s favorite classes? She’s a big fan of CIS 102Q Problem Solving Using Lego Robotics – and it’s easy to see why: students travel to different schools and share their robotics skills with young children (as young as 10 years old) to get them excited about science and technology. She loves observing young minds at work, and welcomes the chance to mentor the next generation of STEM geniuses!

We couldn’t be more proud of the amazing things Melanie has accomplished and count ourselves lucky that she decided to major with the Seidenberg School! Thanks to Melanie for being a true Seidenberg Superhero!

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