"Pace Women in Tech provides a comfortable space to work in and the guests we bring in to speak really help to inspire women to work harder and to become more motivated."
– Niamh Fitzsimon, Class of 2018

Niamh Fitzsimon is our go-to girl when it comes to Google. Thanks to her participation in the Google Computer Science Institute, Niamh has spent every summer interning at one of their offices, beginning with the NYC base during her freshman year, followed by the flagship location in Mountain View during summer ’16. And in 2017? She’s headed to Google Stockholm.

One of the perks of having such a great relationship with Google is that the travel opportunities are perfect for a travel bug like Niamh. Not only has she visited the west coast and will soon visit Sweden via her internships, but she’s also done a lot of international travel with the Seidenberg School. She studied abroad in Rome and has participated in Product Development Project (PDP), which involves travelling to Helsinki, Finland, to build cool new products using design thinking methodology at Aalto Design Factory.

It’s not a bad way to spend your undergraduate degree, especially when there’s a whole other year of opportunities ahead! As a double major in Computer Science and Art, Niamh has cultivated a unique perspective that blends art and technology. “Everyone should take an art class,” she says. “When you take classes in art, you use different parts of your brain. This helps you become more creative and can definitely help in the field of computer science.”

Niamh is the Vice President of Pace Women in Tech, a student organization that serves as a support group for women pursuing a career in technology. Niamh previously attended an all-girls school, so coming into a field heavily dominated by men was quite a leap from what she was used to. Learning about the challenges women face in the tech world encouraged Niamh to participate, and as VP she arranges and facilitates a variety of events.

Examples of topics for meetings and workshops included industry statistics, as well as hands on experiences, scholarship applications, and resume building workshops – all of which our male students and community are more than welcome to attend!

“The club provides a comfortable space to work in and the guests we bring in to speak really help to inspire women to work harder and to become more motivated,” says Niamh.

Pace Women in Tech is a resource where students can learn about the opportunities available to them, including information about the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) conference. Niamh attended in 2015 and experienced the massive conference firsthand – and how many companies famously hire soon-to-be college graduates on the spot!

When it comes to careers, though, it’s hard to see Niamh ending up anywhere other than Google once she graduates in 2018. Having worked on Android apps and Google teams of varying sizes in various locations (and with future work on Google Hangouts when she goes to Stockholm) every summer, Niamh is a perfect example of Generation Google!

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