"Computer science enables us to think beyond just using devices to make our lives easier from a practical standpoint. It also provides a way to explore a new world "
– Russell Gee, Class of 2016

I Present to you… Russell Gee!

Russell Gee commutes early in the mornings from Staten Island to the New York City campus every day to reach his 7:00 am classes on time. He does not mind the early commute – in fact, he says he enjoys traveling at such an hour.  This go-getter can not wait to start his day.

What is he up to?

Russell is currently completing his final semester of studies towards a BS in Computer Science. He has received several prestigious accolades during his academic career, including being named as a Top 100 Scholar for possessing the highest spring 2015 and fall 2015 combined GPAs.

He is busy working on his thesis under the mentorship of Dr. Richard Kline, Associate Professor of Computer Science. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Russell will continue with his education as he plans on working towards his master's degree specializing in Software Engineering.

In addition to maintaining an excellent academic record, Russell is involved with the Pace Alumni-Student Mentoring Program. Through this program, Pace University alumni work with current Pace students in an effort to allow students to explore career fields that they might be interested in. Alumni mentors have the opportunity to support Pace University as they share invaluable personal and professional experiences with current students.

Russell is specifically involved in program efforts to inspire potential Pace students to become more involved with projects related to computer programming. High school students are encouraged to create programs that they would be likely to use presently and also to come up with programs they would expect to use in the future which would be  useful to them. These assignments, according to Russell, have a “developer standpoint vs. consumer standpoint” focus. If this program is successful, there are future plans of expanding it to other counties and states.

Computer Science and Our World

Russell is very excited and optimistic when it comes to the growth potential and value-added benefits stemming from computer science technologies.  He points out that computer science is no longer merely a discipline involving the study of computers and computational systems: “The field today represents a different way of thinking, a new mindset, that powers most of what we rely on.”

Although a central focus of the study of computer science involves how to handle and manipulate information, Russell points out that “the study of computer science enables us to think beyond just using devices to make our lives easier from a practical standpoint. It also provides a way to explore a new world that is composed of not only societies in general, but also with unique individuals. " In a nutshell, computer science innovations will assist us with our ability to further our learning and education and communicate more effectively with others as we continue to become self-actualized.   

Personally Speaking...

When asked to pick three words to describe himself, Russell chose reserved, tactful and methodical. He picked reserved because he prefers to sit back, listen, and take things in rather than actively take part. He is tactful because when it comes to contributing his own opinion, he has the mindset of speaking his mind while still taking into consideration the opinions of everyone else involved. Lastly, he is methodical because he enjoys having a plan. Making a plan shows that you not only have a goal in sight, but you have a clear path in achieving your goals.


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