"Our students are our superheroes!"
– Seidenberg Superheroes, Class of Cool

At Seidenberg, our students are our superheroes. Not only do they attend a full roster of classes, but they find time to join clubs and organizations, score amazing internships, and get active in the local tech community. It's not uncommon to overhear students discussing the various programs they're a part of, from working part time as a coding tutor to acting as the local tech ambassador for a big corporation. Seidenberg students are always in a rush to get to their next commitment—and for that, they're superheroes!

Are you a Seidenberg Superhero? Do you know someone who should be featured on these pages? Email us with the name and email address of your nomination, as well as a couple of sentences why you think they are a Seidenberg Superhero! 

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