"Code, creativity, and career: everything’s better by design."
– Sep DiMeglio, Class of 2017

Looking at Sep DiMeglio’s daily schedule can make someone’s head spin. If there was ever a poster child for effective time management, it would be Sep. Each day he commutes to Pace University's downtown campus, from Jersey City, New Jersey, to attend early morning classes and to participate in the never-ending list of extra curricular activities and programs he is involved with. Sep is a busy bee!

He will be graduating in spring 2017 with a BA in Computer Science. The BA degree has the same core requirements as the bachelor of science degree, however there is a required minor in business, information systems, or a liberal arts field. Sep is majoring in computer science with a minor in graphic design.   

What is he up to?

Sep is on the Promotion and Marketing Team for the Seidenberg School of Computer Science. In this capacity, he is involved with the development of web designs, logos, illustrations, and all other promotional graphics. In addition, he facilitates workshops in principles of user-centered design and software development skills. He is also the executive vice president for Student Government at Pace University.

Presently, Sep is also involved with freelance graphic design projects. He is working on campaigns for Film Expo for various film festivals. Currently, through email, he has made campaigns for Show East in Miami and Cine Europe in Barcelona.

The list goes on…Sep is working on a student project course in Aalto University located in Espoo, Finland. The course, titled Finland Product Development Project, involves the support of industrial companies who sponsor student teams in their efforts to come up with solutions to specific issues. Sep’s team  is invested in discovering new ways to raise awareness of people’s interactions with various energy forms (including electricity and heat) in their everyday lives. Sep explains that  “Our plan is to create an interactive user interface and touch screen that ties into a meeting space. Users will be able to navigate through the platform and view live usage stats of room energy consumption, room temperature, CO2 emission, and whether windows are opened or closed.”

Is your head spinning yet?

Sep is also a senior student partner at Microsoft. In this capacity, he helps to host events, which promote technological innovations.

He is also a technology evangelist at Meed, an information sharing and networking community for over 7,500 young professionals. In this capacity, he helps to pilot various  programs. He helps to develop the student’s professional identities. He also reports software bugs within the website, sources content, and reviews product features to grow the community of members.

Sep is currently working on a project to develop “SpheroCam”, a robotic ball shaped "toy" embedded with a camera. The SpheroCam is driven by an electric motor, which allows it to roll up to 4.5 MPH. You can connect this robotic ball to your blue tooth and control its movements using your phone. It has a camera that allows you to check up on your house (or almost anything else) whenever you leave, just to keep an eye on how things are.

How can I find out more about SPHERO?

You can visit both www.hackster.io/iseppid/spherocam-495742 and www.sphero.com/sphero to find out more information!

Any time management advice from Sep?

Sep recommends that individuals put first things first and finish what they have to finish before moving on to the next project. He continues, “Just focus on what you have to do. Everything else will fall in to place. If you have a huge assignment that is due soon, finish that first before you start something else or decide to go out. Work hard and play hard.”


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