Department Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers degrees ranging from bachelors to doctorates. It provides students with life-long learning skills to be competitive and evolve in their chosen career, including in corporate America, startups, or academia. Faculty members are researching and teaching in technical areas including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software engineering, Internet computing, mobile computing, biometrics, and data science.

The following closely-knit programs are offered:

  • BS in Computer Science (ABET accredited);
  • BA in Computer Science;
  • MS in Computer Science;
  • MS in Software Development and Engineering;
  • MS in Information Technology (specialized in cybersecurity, 100% online);
  • MS in Enterprise Analytics;
  • PhD in Computer Science; and
  • Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing.

The Computer Science Department programs are student centered. They ally foundation and applied skills. The undergraduate and master's students develop technical skills and have the opportunity to apply these skills on comprehensive projects. Opportunities for internships abound and students have also the possibility to participate in research projects with faculty and publish and present their work in refereed national and international conferences.

Christelle Scharff, PhD
Chair, Computer Science at Seidenberg