Seidenberg School Organizations

There are Seidenberg student organizations located on both the New York City and Westchester campuses that enable students, both undergraduate and graduate, to network with other students and faculty, hear about internships and job opportunities, share research findings, and learn more about developments in exciting fields such as robotics, video games, graphic design, and cybersecurity. They're also a fantastic opportunity for students to meet new friends on a weekly basis.

Pace Computer Society (PCS) and Seidenberg Tech Collective (STC) are our two student-run clubs where you can meet new people, enjoy talks by guest speakers, and get free pizza.

If you have general questions about our clubs and organization, contact

Pace Computer Society
Seidenberg Tech Collective
Pace Women in Tech
Artificial Intelligence Club
Pace Cybersecurity Team
National Cyber League
Women in Cyber Security
Cybersecurity Club
UPE International Honor Society

Pace Computer Society (NYC) logo

Pace Computer Society (NYC)

Meetings are every Wednesday from 12:10 p.m.–1:10 p.m. during common hour.

PCS is our weekly student-run club that we invite any and all Pace students to attend. We frequently have amazing guest speaker from the tech industry who come to share their insights, as well as workshops, meet-ups, and other events. Most importantly, there is free pizza every week - just don't be late!

For more information, see the Seidenberg Event Calendar and follow us on Instagram.

Location: Seidenberg Lounge, 163 William Street, 2nd Floor

Seidenberg Tech Collective (Westchester) logo

Seidenberg Tech Collective (Westchester)

Meetings are every Wednesday from 12:10 p.m.–1:10 p.m. during common hour. 

WTC invites all Pace students to attend our weekly collection of workshops, talks, meet-ups and other events. Make new friends and enjoy the chance to learn cool new stuff while enjoying free pizza! Meet Pace alums who work in the tech field and learn how they got to where they are, learn interview techniques, and stay up to date on upcoming field trips and events.

For more information, see the Seidenberg Event Calendar and follow us on Instagram.

Location: Goldstein Academic Center, 3rd Floor

Pace Women in Tech (NYC) logo

Pace Women in Tech (NYC)

Pace Women in Tech is a student organization that aims to build a network of students, alumni, and industry professionals. They have regular events where they share news, skills, job and internship opportunities, and share success stories and support within the community. By joining the Pace Women in Tech Facebook group, you can get great info, learn more about events taking place in and around the Pace community, and meet a host of incredible women in tech.

For more information, see the Seidenberg Event Calendar and follow us on Instagram.

Pace Women in Tech meetings take place every other Monday during common hour (12:10-1:00pm) on the 2nd Floor of 163 William St.

Artificial Intelligence Club (NYC) logo

Artificial Intelligence Club (NYC)

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) club aims to provide an insightful environment that fosters the development of new and reliable forms of AI within the Pace community. Events at the club include:
• Nano-Talks: Scripted, concise and carefully rehearsed 5-15 min talks from qualified members about any AI topic. Followed by a 15-25 min QA session.
• Panel Discussions: Controversial AI topics (such as bots consciousness, super-intelligence, and singularity) discussed by qualified and informed members.
• Knowledge Center: A constantly growing and up-to-date compilation of nano-talks, panel discussions, projects, research, datasets and code libraries at Pace.
• Speakers talks: Similar to nano-talk but from someone outside the Pace community.
• Collaborative Teams: Network, guide or be trained from a team of people with the same region of interest. Your team will basically need a goal and a dedication. We (as a club) will provide you with the rest.
Members can gain practical and theoretical experience in their preferred AI sub-field (Machine Learning, Robotics, NLP, Computer Vision, etc). We work in teams or on solo projects to explore fundamental areas of AI and broaden our skills and knowledge. What's more, the club offers a great opportunity to network with like-minded students, faculty, and professionals across the Pace community.

Join our Slack group see the Seidenberg Event Calendar and follow us on Instagram to learn more.

Pace Cybersecurity Team/ Pace Cyber Team logo

Pace Cybersecurity Team/ Pace Cyber Team

Our mission is to build a community to foster and grow the next generation of cybersecurity talent at Pace through our weekly team practices for the Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) held annually, and the National Cyber League (NCL) held every semester. The organization aims to strengthen student skills in cybersecurity related competencies through hands on training.

Students learn and build from each other from a variety of cybersecurity disciplines: Server administration, configuration, and hardening; scanning, enumeration and discovery; vulnerability and asset assessment; exploitation; incident response and recovery.

Students showcase their skills and knowledge by competing against teams from other universities.

National Cyber League logo

National Cyber League

The National Cyber League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in May 2011 to provide an ongoing virtual training ground for participants to develop, practice, and validate their cybersecurity knowledge and skills using next-generation high-fidelity simulation environments. Each semester the team trains twice a week and competes individually and as a team on NCL's capture the flag style competitions. Since there are challenges ranging from easy to hard, NCL is the perfect place for a student who is interested in cybersecurity, but hasn't had any exposure to it.

For more information about the team's practice schedule and meeting location, email Andreea Cotoranu.

Women In Cyber Security (WiCyS) Student Chapter

Women In Cyber Security (WiCyS) Student Chapter

WiCyS is the only non-profit membership organization with national reach that is dedicated to bringing together women in cybersecurity from academia, research, and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking, and mentoring. The goal of this student chapter is to help decrease the gender disparity in the field, while providing support, mentorship, training, networking opportunities, and access to industry and academic leaders.

For more information about meeting times and locations, email Prof Pauline Mosley.

Cybersecurity Club logo

Cybersecurity Club

The Seidenberg School Cybersecurity Club runs events and workshops throughout the semester that pertain to all things cybersecurity. Events include guest speakers and meet-ups, and workshops offer hands-on training that will help any cybersecurity enthusiast hone their skills.

All Pace students are welcome to the club’s general events. Workshops will have limited spots and registration will be required.

The Cybersecurity Club’s events are available on the Seidenberg calendar, social media.

IEEE Student Branch (Westchester) logo

IEEE Student Branch (Westchester)

The IEEE is one of the world’s largest technical and professional societies, with more than 400,000 members across the globe. Around a quarter of its members are students, and we have a student branch of the IEEE that offers discounted IEEE membership, access to events, and opportunities for Pace University students. Not only are their student branch activities on campus, but membership enables you to access unique IEEE events and activities in the local area through the online portal. Scholarships and competition entries are also occasionally available to members. Contact Andreea Cotoranu for more information on our IEEE student branch!

High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) logo

High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)

“Investigators on the Leading Edge of Technology”
The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) was formed to provide education and collaboration to our global members for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.
As such, we are an organization that aspires to help all those in the high technology field by providing extensive information, education, collective partnerships, mutual member benefits, astute board leadership, and professional management.

Association Mission
Provide education and collaboration to our global members for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.

Core Purpose
To promote collaboration and education of our members.

Pace University has a HTCIA Chapter for students. If you attend and later want to join and attend monthly meetings then students can join for only $25 a year. Simply contact Darren Hayes, DPS (

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) logo

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology. With a world-wide membership of 80,000, ACM functions as a locus for computing professionals and students working in the various fields of Information Technology.

The Pace Computer Society is one of many Chapters of ACM. Through ACM we are able to bring many different opportunities to our members and help them learn and build interest in the design, development, languages, management, and applications of modern computing.

When you join ACM you get access to many resources that you would not otherwise be able to find. You can read about current conferences and talk to professionals in the field, as well as with other students with similar interests. You will receive publications on many different computer subjects, have access to internship and job listings, participate in contests with cash prizes, and many other benefits. Joining ACM is one of the best things you can possibly do to push your career forward. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of ACM.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) International Honor Society logo

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) International Honor Society

Seidenberg sponsors a chapter of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) Internation Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines. The aim of the society is to recognize academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Members typically need to be in the upper 35% of their class in terms of academic rankings. If you are interested in becoming a member, check out the other requirements and, if you are eligible, contact Andreea Cotoranu.