The best exchange of knowledge occurs when student and teacher share common goals. At Seidenberg, we share one common goal: to engage in intellectual discourse and rigorous research activities that recognize the importance of information throughout the business and academic world.
Our faculty includes some of the country’s best researchers, scholars and scientists in the field of computing. We don’t just provide first rate education, but mentoring too. We believe that your college experience should include great academic relationships with the faculty, as well as your fellow students. So we encourage our students to get to know the faculty during their studies – for direction, guidance and to discover new opportunities.
Get involved. Contribute to research. At Seidenberg, students work alongside professors in our research centers and laboratories. Graduate and undergraduate students coauthor academic papers with professors. Students even have the opportunity deliver presentations with faculty members at industry conferences in the USA and around the globe. There’s always something to do that interests you alongside people that can guide you when you need it.