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Darren Hayes

Associate Professor

Seidenberg School of CSIS

Information Technology NY

  • @New York City
    163 William Street 204
Office Hours
New York City

Wed (by appointment)


PhD , Sapienza Università di Roma , Rome, Italy , 2019
Industrial Engineering

DPS , Pace University, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems , White Plains, NY, US , 2008

MS , Pace University , New York, NY, US , 2001
Information Systems

H.D.B.S , Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin , Dublin, Ireland , 1993
Banking & Finance

BA , University College Dublin , Dublin, Ireland , 1992

Awards and Honors

  • Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), February 13, 2020 - HSI New York Private Sector Partnership Award
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals, November 7, 2017 - Best Paper of CONISAR Conference
  • HTCIA, Northeast Chapter, December 15, 2013 - Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Forensics Colleges, January 1, 2013 - Top 10 Computer Forensics Professors
  • HTCIA, Northeast Chapter, December 15, 2010 - Outstanding Contribution Award


  • AccessData, January 17 - AccessData Mobile Examiner
  • BlackBag Technologies, May 16 - Certified BlackLight Examiner
    The CBE designation is reserved for forensic examiners who demonstrate a high level of competency in the use of BlackLight, BlackBag's forensic analysis platform. This distinction is achieved through the successful completion of an online certification exam. CBE candidates must attend the BlackLight Tool Training course before sitting for the exam.


Hayes, D. & Cappa, F. An Effective Approach to Mobile Device Management: Security and Privacy Issues Associated with Mobile Applications. Digital Business.

Hayes, D. (2020, October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 7). A Practical Guide to Digital Forensics. (Issue 2)

Standare, L., Hayes, D., Le-Khac, N. & Choo, K. (2020, July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 26). Forensic Investigation of PayPal Accounts. Nhien-An Le-Khac & Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo (Eds.), Cyber and Digital Forensic Investigations. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-47131-6

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Hayes, D. & Cappa, F. (2018, July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 4). Privacy Issues Associated with Popular Mobile Applications. http://www.radma.net

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Hayes, D., Snow, C. & Altuwayjiri, S. (2017, November 5). Geolocation Tracking and Privacy Issues Associated with the Uber Mobile Application.

Scalona, E., Hayes, D., Palermo, E., Del Prete, Z. & Rossi, S. Performance evaluation of 3D reaching tasks using a low-cost haptic device and Virtual Reality.

Hayes, D. R. (2017, April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 10). Using Open Source Intelligence for Risk Assessment to the U.S. Power Grid. , pages 121-128. http://esociety-conf.org/

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Snow, C., Hayes, D. & Dwyer, C. Leakage of Geolocation Data by Mobile Ad Networks.


Hayes, D. Dow Jones Newswire. Interview. Dow Jones Newswire, New York, NY

Hayes, D. Impact of Corporate Governance and Institutional Investor Targeting. Invited Speaker. National Investor Relations Institute, American Stock Exchange, Amer. Bar Assoc., New York, NY

Hayes, D. The Annual Meeting Process. Invited Speaker. National Investor Relations Institute, American Stock Exchange, Amer. Bar Assoc., New York, NY

Hayes, D. Understanding Your Shareholder Profile. Invited Speaker. National Investor Relations Institute, American Stock Exchange, Amer. Bar Assoc, New York, NY

Hayes, D. (2019, April 5). Student Veterans Association Cybersecurity Training. Mobile Dating Apps: Privacy Concerns. Seidenberg School & Pace SVA, Pace University

Hayes, D. (2018, July 4). R&D Management Conference. Privacy Issues Associated with Popular Mobile Applications. R&D Management, Milan, Italy

Hayes, D. (2018, June 26). Cybersecurity Training. Introduction to the Dark Web. Citibank, New York, NY

Hayes, D. (2018, April 12). Mobile Malware. Lewis Brisbois, Webinar

Hayes, D. (2018, March 13). International Communications Data and Digital Forensics (ICDDF) . Think Outside the App. National Policing Data Communications Group, London, UK

Hayes, D. R. (2016, June 7). UBTech Conference. Economic Espionage and the Campus IT Professional. Las Vegas, NV

Hayes, D. R. (2016, May 25). Enfuse Conference. Mobile Malware for Financial Fraud. Guidance Software, Las Vegas, NV

Hayes, D. R. (2016, March 29). Privacy is Dead!. Pace Adult Resource Center (PARC), Pace University, Downtown

Hayes, D. R. (2016, March 9). The Forensics of Cybercrime. ACCA Caribbean & IIATT, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad, W.I.

Hayes, D. R. (2016, March 9). TTPS. Open Source Intelligence for Cybercrime. British High Commissioner, Trinidad & Tobago Police Service HQ, Trinidad, W.I.

Hayes, D. R. (2016, March 8). Anti-Corruption Conference 2016. Ever Present Danger of Cyber Crime. Transparency International, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

Hayes, D. R. (2015, November 23). Training Workshop. OSINT & Mobile Forensics for Fraud Examinations. Bankers Association of Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Chen, L., Cotoranu, A. & Hayes, D. (2018, September 1). DoD Cybersecurity Scholarship Program: Scholarship and Capacity Building.
Department of Defense , Federal , $221,805.00 . Funded,


  • eCommerce Times [Internet], October 19 2016
    Europe Duns Apple for $14.5B in Illegal Tax Breaks
  • NPR [Radio], September 30 2016
    The dangerous world of the Internet of Things
  • CNBC [TV], September 21 2016
    Nightly Business Report interview on the Wireless Emergency Alert System
  • SC Magazine [Magazine], July 26 2016
    Trump's Russian interests and Guccifer 2.0
  • SC Magazine [Magazine], July 25 2016
    Russian hackers take the stage at DNC convention
  • Epoch Times [Internet], May 18 2016
    Intelligence: Hackers Are Spying on Presidential Candidates, Expect More Cyber Threats,
  • U.S. News [Internet], April 29 2016
    A Big iPhone Slump Bites Into Apple (AAPL)
  • Law360 [Internet], April 29 2016
    Banks Between A Rock And A Hard Place On Chat Records
  • Wall Street Journal [Newspaper], April 9 2016
    The Accidental Accomplice in Central-Bank Cyberheist: Bankers' Hours
  • Corporate Counsel [Internet], March 31 2016
    Experts: GCs Are Aghast Over Hacks at Top Law Firms
  • SC Magazine [Magazine], March 30 2016
    FBI investigating attack against computer networks at U.S. law firms
  • Entrepreneur [Internet], March 28 2016
    Meet the Middlemen Who Connect Hackers for Hire With Corporate America
  • Cape Cod Times [Newspaper], March 22 2016
    Apple's objections a recent development
  • Trinidad Newsday [Newspaper], March 12 2016
    US expert: Use cyber security to fight crime
  • Trinidad Newsday [Newspaper], March 10 2016
    US expert: Beware social media pitfalls
  • Caribbean New Media Group [TV], March 8 2016
    The growth of cyber crime in Trinidad and internationally.
  • Islam Channel (UK) [TV], March 4 2016
    The FBI case against Apple
  • tbs eFM (S. Korea) [Radio], March 3 2016
    Appeared on the radio show called News Focus to discuss the government's case against Apple in the San Bernardino case.
  • New York News 1 [TV], February 25 2016
    Potential Effects of Phone Security Fight Between Apple and FBI
  • MSNBC [TV], 2015
    Hillary Clinton email server investigation
  • Homeland Security Today [Internet], December 3 2015
    ANALYSIS - New Legislation Needed to Address Terrorists' Use of Phone Encryption
  • CNBC [TV], November 20 2015
    Data encryption a 'matter of national security': Expert
  • SC Magazine [Magazine], November 4 2015
    2nd Update: Surveillance bill; judicial oversight, no encryption ban, archiving browsing data
  • Trinidad Guardian [Newspaper], October 24 2015
    Real and imminent cyber security threat
  • Epoch Times [Newspaper], September 29 2015
    US–China Cyberpact: A Deal Built on Distrust
  • Washington Post [Newspaper], August 18 2015
    Probe of Clinton's server could find more than just emails


  • New York Council, Navy League [Member] , September 15 , 2017
    The Navy League of the United States was founded in 1902 with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and advocacy organization that supports sea services – the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine. The Navy League has provided a powerful voice for a stronger sea service to Congress and to the American people. We have grown into the foremost citizens' organization to serve, support and stand with all the sea services. We are a military service organization, rather than a veterans' organization, although we cherish and support our veterans and wounded warriors. We are the trusted civilian partners of the sea services, supporthing their mission, their personnel and their families. We also believe in building a strong foundation for those services through youth programs that teach duty, honor and respect for this country and provide a path into the sea services. The Navy League has more than 51,000 members working to support sea service members and their families. We do this through a variety of education programs that remind our fellow citizens that the United States is a maritime nation whose national economic and security interests are inextricably tied to the freedom of the seas.
  • Open Web Application Security Project [Member & Academic Supporter] , March 1 , 2014
    The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software. Our mission is to make software security visible, so that individuals and organizations worldwide can make informed decisions about true software security risks.
  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association [Member] , January 1 , 2012
    AFCEA International, established in 1946, is a non-profit organization serving its members by providing a forum for the ethical exchange of information, and dedicated to increasing knowledge through the exploration of issues relevant to its members in information technology, communications and electronics for the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities.
  • FBI - Academic Alliance Program [FBI - Academic Alliance Program Coordinator] , January 1 , 2011
    Increased communication and understandings on both sides of the table. All of which is helping universities to take proactive steps to better protect their institutions and the FBI to develop new strategies to keep Americans safe while remaining sensitive to unique concerns and cultures on campus.
  • InfraGard [Member] , January 1 , 2008
    InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. It is an association of persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.
  • High Technology Crime Investigation Association [First Vice President & Former President] , January 1 , 2007
    The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) was formed to provide education and collaboration to our global members for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes. As such, we are an organization that aspires to help all those in the high technology field by providing extensive information, education, collective partnerships, mutual member benefits, astute board leadership and professional management.


  • CyberCorps Interviews [Committee Member]
    Desc: Interview students who apply for grant scholarships related to CyberCorps


  • New York Faculty Council [Committee Member]
    Desc: Second Vice Chair, New York Faculty Council. Assist with meeting preparation and provide assistance during meetings.
  • Student Veterans Association [Student Org Advisor (Non-Professional Org)]
    Desc: Mentor our military veterans and host trainings in cybersecurity and digital forensics.
  • Fulbright Campus Committee [Committee Member]
  • Advising 360 Presidential Taskforce [Committee Member]
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Created a series of recommendations for reorganizing student advisement at Pace University.
  • Middle States Accreditation: Working Group 1 [Committee Member]
    Desc: Assisting with fact-finding and writing Middle States report on one of the working group committees.
  • Research Day Judge
    Desc: Judge Research Day poster sessions. Faculty and students present their research findings.
  • Research Day [Research Day Judge]
    Desc: Judge Research Day poster sessions. Faculty and students present their research findings.


  • Asylee Refugee Migrant Assistance Network (ARMAN) [Board Member]
    Desc: Advisory Board Member as it relates to digital forensics investigations.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Faculty-led student support and research for victims of human trafficking. In 2015, organized a week-long series of seminars at Pace University's Downtown and Pleasantville campuses with Dr. Halleh Seddigzadeh.
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