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Yegin Genc

Assistant Professor

Seidenberg School of CSIS

Information Technology NY

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Yegin Genc is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems, School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Pace University. Prior to Pace University, he was a CIS and Business Analytics Professor in the Business School of Manhattan College. He received his PhD in Information Management from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2014.


PhD , Stevens Institute of Technology , Hoboken, NJ , 2014
Information Management

MS , University of Central Missouri , Warrensburg, MO , 2003
Information Technology

BS , Istanbul Technical University , Istanbul, Turkey , 2001
Mechanical Engineering


Wang, T., Chen, L. & Genc, Y. (2019, December). An N-gram-based Approach for Detecting Social Media Spambots.

Genc, Y., Zhang, Z. & Ahsen, E. (2019, July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 30). Augmenting Crowd Intelligence for Radiology Data Annotations.

Genc, Y., Altuger-Genc, G. & Tatoglu, A. A Machine Learning Approach for Systematic Literature Review: the case of Engineering Education Literature. Expert Systems with Applications.

Altuger-Genc, G. & Genc, Y. (2019, June 1). Strategies to Improve Student Engagement in a Facilities Planning Course through Hands-on Learning Activities.

Ren, J., Han, Y., Genc, Y., Yeoh, W. & Popovi?, A. The Boundary of Crowdsourcing in the Domain of Creativity. Technological Forecasting And Social Change.

Genc, Y., Kyriakou, H., Maruping, L. & Xue, L. Diffusion of Blockchain based Innovations: An Informational Cascades Perspective. Information Systems Research.

Kyriakou, H. & Genc, Y. (2018). Digital Density: The Interplay of the Digital and Physical World in a 3D Printing Design Community.

Tatoglu, A., Altuger-Genc, G., Genc, Y., Han, Y. & Campana, C. (2018). Incorporation of Computerized Applied Learning Environments in Traditional and Online Classroom.

Altuger-Genc, G., Han, Y. & Genc, Y. (2018, December). Teaching Applied Fluid Mechanics Online: Incorporation of Simulations to Support the Theory. International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).

Kyriakou, H. & Genc, Y. (2018). The Effects of Novelty, Density and Metaknowledge on Digital Market Entry. , pages 69.

Ren, J., Han, Y., Yeoh, W. & Genc, Y. (2017). Exploring the Role of Learning in Crowdsourcing Creativity: The Value of Idea-Building in the Crowd.

Altuger-Genc, G., Genc, Y. & Tatoglu, A. (2017). Investigating the Involvement of Self-Directed Learning in Flipped Classrooms: A Unique URL-Based Search Method. , pages V005T06A017-V005T06A017.


Genc, Y. (2018, July). GenCyber Teachers' Workshop in Cybersecurity. CyberSecurity Analytics Overview. Pace University

Genc, Y. (2017, December). International Conference on Information Systems. Crowdfunding 2.0: Understanding the Emergence and Prevail of Decentralized Platforms of Digital Innovation through Blockchain. Pace University

Genc, Y. (2017, December 6). Trustees and Faculty Reception . Understanding Advance-fee Scams with Text Analytics. Pace University

Genc, Y. (2017, October 26). Faculty Teaching and Research Showcase . Understanding Advance-fee Scams with Text Analytics. Pace University

Genc, Y. (2017, July). GenCyber Teachers' Workshop in Cybersecurity. CyberSecurity Analytics Overview. Pace University

Genc, Y. (2017, February). BWS plus: Exchange Initiative Business Analytics & Big Data. Data Mining Research Projects. Stuttgart Media University, Almeria Spain

Genc, Y. (2016, October). CyberC 2017: International Conference on Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery. Data Mining: Applications and Tools. IEEE, Chengdu China


Semantic analysis, exploratory search, peer production networks

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Chen, L., Genc, Y. & Shan, J. (2017, September). DAISEC: Data Analytics in Cybersecuirty.
National Security Agency , Federal , $188,564.98 . Funded,


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