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Strategic Plan 2015–2020

Committee Milestones and Process

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was charged with developing a Strategic Plan that includes:  aspirational high-level goals which support our mission/vision and values; identified performance measures to track progress against those goals; and defined key initiatives/tactics that would be implemented to achieve the goals.  

We retained Huron Consulting to guide us through this process, we looked to their considerable expertise in higher education and in strategic planning to help us develop a well-thought, aspirational plan for the next five years. Our Huron team included Edwin Eisendrath, Nykia Wright, and Jim Roth.
While Huron Consulting guided, facilitated, and supported this process, the heart of the plan came from the SPC. Jean Gallagher was the primary liaison.

Strategic Planning Process Key Milestones

  • Strategic Planning Committee Meetings
  • Meeting #1. September 18, 2014, New York City Campus. 
    Process Kickoff
  • Meeting #2. November 7, 2014, Westchester Campus. 
    Agreement on goals, division into subgroups
  • Meeting #3. January 29, 2015, New York City Campus. 
    Reviewed first draft of goals, some feedback provided to the subgroups. Subgroups continued working to refine and further articulate the goals and initiatives.
  • Meeting #4. February 26, 2015, Westchester Campus.
    Further review/feedback. Seek input from the entire Committee to begin the process of finalizing the goals and initiatives.

    Drafting Committee tasked with bringing all the elements into a coherent whole. Drafting Committee members: Jean Gallagher (chair), Jennifer Bernstein, Luke Cantarella, Rachel Carpenter, Nira Herrmann, Adele MacKinlay, Ross Robak, Robina Schepp.
  • Meeting #5. April 10, 2015, New York City Campus.
    Reviewed draft of entire plan. Collected feedback from the Committee in preparation for the Community Forums.

    Conducted Community Forums and collected feedback via website, e-mail, and feedback forms.
  • Meeting #6. May 13, 2015, Westchester Campus.
    Presented final draft with all feedback incorporated. 

    Committee unanimously recommended that the plan be forewarded to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Community Feedback

Community Forums were held to hear feedback from faculty, students, and staff. The Drafting Committee members presented the process and collected feedback. Over 120 people attended the Forums.