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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell who the Department Chair is?
These are the steps to take to find. Go to to find chairs. Questions or concerns after you have tried to reach out and resolve with the faculty member directly.

Chemistry and Physical Sciences
Nigel Yarlett

English and Modern Language Studies
Robert Mundy

Dr. Lisa Fastenberg

Peace and Social Justice
Emily Welty, PHD

Christine Amendola
Interim Director

Dr. Joanne Singleton

MA Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals
Dr. Joseph Ryan

Graduate Department of Finance and Economics
Dr. P.V. Viswanath
Graduate Program Chair

Computer Science
Dr. Anthony Joseph

General Information

I have an issue or a concern about a faculty member, their course, or my grade. Who can help me resolve my concerns?
Please share your concerns with the faculty member directly. If you are unable to resolve your concerns, contact the department chair of the faculty member’s academic department or ask your advisor for their contact information. There is also a grade appeal policy in case you would like to dispute a grading decision.

I have been sick or have been in the hospital that resulted in missing classes. What do I do?
Please contact your faculty members and your academic advisor to explain your situation. Providing them with a note from a doctor or the hospital could be helpful. You can also contact your academic advisor to help you communicate with faculty members. If your health makes it too challenging (or in some cases impossible) to return to classes for the semester, please consider the Medical Leave of Absence process (PDF) which can help you take a temporary leave due to a medical condition during a semester or prior to the beginning of a semester and ordinarily is limited to two consecutive semesters, excluding summer semesters. A student, who is unable to complete the semester and applies for a leave of absence, must also withdraw from the courses in which he or she currently is enrolled and will receive a “W” for each course from which the student withdrew.

If I was documented for violating campus policy, what is the conduct process that determines the level of responsibility?
According to the Student Handbook, our Guiding Principles of Conduct exist in order to preserve an atmosphere in which a free exchange of ideas may flourish, and to ensure the dignity and safety of all members of the University community as well as the unimpeded operation of the University (and as required by federal, state and local laws including, without limitation, N.Y. Educ. Law § 6430). The Guiding Principles of Conduct applies to all members of the University community. The actual process of student conduct hearings and procedures, types of hearings, and examples of resulting sanctions is outlined in the Student Handbook.

If my parents, family, or guardians call the University for information about my grades, conduct record, or other educational records, will the University release that information to them?
Our office usually receives calls from concerned family members about the health, conduct record, or class attendance of their students. According to FERPA, access to student education records must be granted by student consent. The Dean for Students Office cannot provide information to others without student consent. This consent can be given by a student logging into the Pace Portal and adjusting FERPA consent. For more information about FERPA, please visit the Department of Education website on FERPA and Pace’s policy on access to student education records.

I am applying to become a (insert profession or training program) and need a copy of my conduct or disciplinary report. How do I do that?
Please email any necessary forms to Or We are unable to send conduct reports but can assist in completing the necessary paperwork provided.

I am looking to transfer from Pace and my new school requires a conduct or transfer report completed. What do I do?
Please create a helpdesk ticket and cc: Mariah Jusino, Office of Registrar and provide the name(s) and email(s) of the schools you are applying to and we will complete the disciplinary section of the form.

How do I file a complaint against a student?
View information on how to proceed with a grievance against a student.

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COVID Questions

I just got tested for COVID, do I have to get tested again if I was selected for the random community sampling tests?
Yes, out of the safety and caution for our campus community since you have been on campus you need to adhere to the testing protocol if selected for random campus sampling

If a student is quarantined and tested negative for COVID-19, can they leave campus and complete quarantine off-campus? What about if a student tests positive for COVID-19, can they complete their isolation period off-campus?
According to the Department of Health, students should not leave quarantine on campus to go off-campus as they still have the chance of spreading the virus to others in their community. Students who come into close contact with a confirmed positive case must quarantine for 14 days from their last known contact with the positive case. It is likely the Department of Health will require a 7-day test and a 14-day test during quarantine. This will be communicated to students either by University Health Care or the Department of Health. If a student has tested positive, they must complete a 10 day isolation period beginning from the date of their COVID-19 test, experience improved symptoms, and have no fever for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.

What type of COVID-19 test does Pace accept? Pace University will only accept a PCR COVID-19 test. We do not accept rapid tests or antibody tests. Any test results should be uploaded using the University Health Care confidential patient portal.

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Are senior portraits being taken this year?
In Pleasantville, students can make an appointment at, or by contacting the Center for Student Development & Campus Activities by phone at (914) 773-3767 or email at

When is graduation?
Graduation usually takes place in May each year.

Will graduation be happening?
Due to the COVID pandemic the commencement team is exploring all options in the best interest of everyone’s safety.

Can I walk in graduation?
This will depend if you have met the necessary requirements for your program. Please make sure you have met with your academic advisor to ensure you are meeting all requirements on time

I missed the deadline, can I still order a cap and gown?
At cap and gown distribution our vendor usually has extra gowns for purchase; however, they are on a first come first serve basis and are not guaranteed.

How many tickets do I get and can I get more?
Under normal circumstances all graduates are eligible for 4 tickets. They may be put on a waitlist for a possible fifth ticket.

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Miscellaneous Questions we often receive but don’t fall into our area

My son or daughter isn’t feeling well or won’t be in class for a few days.
We want to notify the instructors (we forward to Advising)

I can’t get in touch with OSA after holding for several hours and have a balance on my account that needs to be addressed ASAP (OSA).
Please use the following link to schedule an online appointment: /osa/qless

I need to get my student ID or pick it up and don’t know how?
Information on obtaining your student ID can be found on the following: /auxiliary-services/one-card

I was un-registered and need to re-enroll in my classes due to lack of immunization records being on file or payment issues (Void)?
View questions about immunization records. Information about payment plans or frequently asked questions can be found on:

Who can I contact about a grade appeal?
View information about grade appeals.

Who can I speak to about having a grade extension(s) granted?
View Grade Extension Information.

OSA is not emailing me back and I have an urgent issue, who do I go to?
You can create a helpdesk ticket and provide your issues and concerns on the ticket.

I need a copy of my transcript since I cannot get a copy from OSA due to a hold(s) on my account, can your office provide a copy of an official one?
Official and unofficial academic transcripts of a student's academic record are available by written request by the student or alumnus to the Office of Student Assistance. Current students and recent alumni may also request an academic transcript via the Pace Portal. There is no fee assessed for official or unofficial academic transcripts. The University will not provide copies of academic transcripts to or on behalf of any student or alumnus with a delinquent outstanding balance. Official academic transcripts are sent directly to other institutions; academic transcripts sent to students are marked "Student Copy." The University accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of an unofficial academic transcript after it has been issued. To request an unofficial transcript, please contact Brenda Smith, Assistant Director of Student Accounts, Office of Registrar at

I have questions about scholarships.
View information about scholarships.

Who is my academic advisor?
If you are not sure who your Advisor is, consult Degree Works in MyPace Portal, or confirm through "My Success Network" by logging into your OnTrack account. You can also email to request assistance in confirming your Advisor.

I have a leave of absence form that needs to be signed by the dean.
Please forward a copy of your leave of absence form to the Academic Dean of your school. The form must be approved by the Dean of the school/college of your major.

I have waived out of the student health insurance but how can I enroll for the spring semester?
View information about student health insurance and how to enroll.

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