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Marketing Your Event

Pace University offers Orangization/Club leaders a multitude of mediums in which to advertise an event. Below are some effective measures a student leader can take in order to reach the maximum number of potential attendees:

  1. Homertisment
    • Ever wonder how people get adverts on those tv screens around campus?
  2. Pace Post Bulletin Boards
    • Bulletin boards that read "Pace Post" on the top of the board do not require any review process. Simply print out your advert and pin it to the board.
  3. Campus Activities Boards
    • Bulletin boards that read "Campus Activities" on the top of the board require a specific stamp of approval. This approval process takes up to a day, but our office will post the flyer/advert for you.
  4. Submit a description/flyer to the Pace Pulse
    • The Pace Pulse is an invaluable tool for marketing your event. By submitting your flyer/description, the team over at Pace Pulse will send your information out on their newsletter list-serv. Also, the Pace Pulse is programed as the homepage for many computers at Pace University.