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Students Activities Fee

Description of the Student Activities Fee

The Student Activities Fee is $76 and is paid every semester. The student activities fee revenue is always based on enrollment. If the enrollment is up, then the revenue intake for the semester increases. All events hosted by student organizations are opened to the Pace public. When the student activities fee is collected through the tuition, the revenue goes into one account and then disburses by the Budget Allocation Council to student organizations. The Budget Allocation Council is a subcommittee of the Student Government Association. The Budget Allocation Council is comprised of seven members, which are students, and includes the Executive Treasurer of the Student Government Association, three appointees and three elected members. The three appointed members are selected by the Executive Treasurer.

Different Budget Types

Events: the organization provides a list of events for the semester. The budget would include one or more spending categories for each event. According to the Budget Allocation Council guidelines, each organization must have at least three events per semester.

  • (For new organizations, the maximum amount to request is $2,500. For existing organizations, the organization can request 125% of the amount spent in the previous semester.)

Promotional: each organization is eligible for a maximum of $600. This includes items such as pad folios , imprinted pens, mugs, etc. this budget must include the printing of flyers for the events throughout the semester.

Conference: each organization is eligible to request for a budget with the maximum amount of $5,000 per group. This includes a conference off-campus and an on-campus conference. Students can attend one conference per year. Each student must be a full time student with a QPA of at least a 2.0.

Carpe Diem: this budget accounts for an unexpected expense for an organization. If a student organization has already submitted a budget and the budget was approved; the organization can submit this budget for another event they would like to host. Currently, there is no maximum for this budget.

If you would like to review how the Student Activities Fee is disbursed by the Budget Allocation Council, please refer to the BAC Guidelines here: