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Week of Welcome

Pace's Week of Welcome program, also known as WOW, is a weekend long orientation event. It is a balanced combination of fun, excitement, learning, and new experiences. As a new student to Pace University, either a first-year or transfer student, you will participate in activities, events and presentations introducing you to the campus and community!

WOW provides a thrilling environment for you to meet new people, become familiar with Pace University, and prepare to start your college career.

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Why am I required to attend Orientation and Welcome Week programs?
Many students often wonder why they are required to attend both the Orientation and Week of Welcome programs. Extensive research shows that students who participate in programs like these are more successful during their first year of college. Orientation and Welcome events provide students with the opportunity to meet people, become familiar with their new surroundings, and learn about the academic and social norms or the University before classes even start. They are designed to complement one another and contribute to your success.

For more information, e-mail Niki Fjeldal, Associate Director for Orientation and Transitions.