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Student Development Westchester

SGA Executive Board

Student Government Association

2014 - 2015 Executive Board

John Wrench
Dan Garcia
Executive Vice President
Jessica Varghese
Vice President of Finance
Rachel Aviles
Vice President of Unity & Social Justice
Edwin Rodriguez
Vice President of Administration
Tameka Bazile
Vice President of Programming

Mission Statement

Our main goal on campus is to satisfy and exceed the needs of the entire student body. We are motivated and dedicated to advocate for the Pace University Pleasantville campus and maintain well established relationships between our administrators and faculty. We act as a liaison between faculty and students and encourage each and every individual on campus to reach out to the Student Association and voice their concerns. Together we work as a governance to support all student organizations on campus and make sure they run as successful organizations bringing diversity and vibrance to our campus life. Together we can make a difference as long as we work together!

Positions Within SGA

The Executive Branch includes the following positions: President, Executive Vice President of Judicial and Compliance, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Unity and Social Justice, and Vice President of Programming.

Student Government Association positions also include Associate Justices who work closely along the Executive Vice President of Judicial and Compliance, and Finance Delegates who work with the Vice President of Finance. There are many committee positions available to students. Visit the SGA Office in Kessel Student Center to learn more and sign up to be involved. For more information the specific duties and responsibilities of each position, please refer to the Student Government Association Constitution available on OrgSync.

The Legislative Branch of SGA consists of at least one representative from each recognized student organization known as a Senator. Each student organization is required to have a consistent Senator. Senators represent their organization's interests and votes on behalf of the students in their organization. This position plays a crucial role in advocating for student concerns. To better understand the privileges and responsibilities of this position, please refer to the Student Government Association Constitution.

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