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Student Government Association Elections

Elections Updates / Important Announcements: (UPDATED MARCH 23, 2020)

​View the unofficial candidate information​. Applicants should express interest on the form​​ on or before April 3.

The previously scheduled debates for this week are canceled. We will announce the new debate format this week

Voting will be moved back 1 calendar week, now beginning Monday April 6 at 11am EST and will remain open until Friday April 10, 2020 5pm EST​

Cast your vote online!


Kadija Shaw

Kadija ShawMy name is Kadija Shaw, I am a third year Business Management major with human resources concentration. I am originally from Germantown Maryland but moved to New York City to attend Pace University. I have decided to run for President of Pace University Student Government Association because I want to be a voice of the student body and leave a mark on the Pleasantville campus of Pace University. I am the best candidate for this position because I know many students on campus. Not just students that look like me but from all different types of backgrounds. I have been extremely involved on campus since my freshman year. This has pushed me to get to know many international students, commuters, students in SGA, students in greek life, business students and the list goes on. In order to represent the student body, I believe it is vital to know the student body, and that is what I am.

From the time I was a freshman living in Alumni Hall I have had an interest in being involved on campus because I did not know anyone. I immediately dove into various clubs including the criminal justice club, and Pace L.I.T my first semester at Pace. The following semester I ventured into a student ambassador role for the career services center because I have also been a huge advocate for finding the best career fit for myself and others. I received a summer internship with a Women’s Entrepreneurship Non-Profit organization. This internship sparked my interest in business because both of my bosses were in different businesses.

My sophomore year I made it a point to become involved with the Center of Community Action and Research (CCAR). I have a deep passion for volunteering and giving back to the community so naturally I fell in love with the mission of CCAR. While juggling working at CCAR I had an interest in running for the Dyson School Ambassador position. After being elected I then took on those positions but started to have an interest in business. Through my job at Pace delivers, I realized I wanted to change my major to business. Simultaneously, that semester I became the Fashion club treasurer and the client relations manager for Pace Connect. My senior year is approaching, and I am now running for Student Government President. I want to be president because I want to improve life on campus by finding more ways to get students involved. I believe that I have great experience from being in different clubs and knowing so many students on campus will give me the tools I need to be a successful president.

Executive Vice President

Stephanie Nazario

Stephanie NazarioI care about creating a bridge between students and the departments on campus. Since senate is now the only meeting where we talk to student leaders twice a month, I think it is a good way to create those relationships between students and departments on campus. Student government creates the environment of culture and growth on campus. If student government doesn't create the tone for what we represent at Pace, the campus often lacks involvement. I am interested in running to E-board because the environment at Pace lacks student involvement and student passion about what Pace is and what Pace is like. I hope to change that.

Vice President of Administration

Annabel Keppel-Palmer

Annabel Keppel-PalmerWorking alongside SGA this year has really opened up my eyes to how much of a voice the students really have for the future of Pace. Not only have I witnessed students individually and collectively change parts of our constitution, but they have brought about new programs that will forever be engraved in Pace history. Going into my final year of college, I would love to give back to the school that made me the person I am today. Since my freshman year, I have seen the members of the SGA Executive Board as role models for the school, and have noticed the direct impact they brought to my college experience. I would love an opportunity to continue their legacy into the 2020-2021 academic year.

Caitlin Wallace

Caitlin WallaceMy name is Caitlin N. Wallace and I am running for Vice President of Administration for the 2020-2021 academic year. Since working at the Student Development and Campus Activities office and from my experiences here at Pace University, I have observed what intrigues the student body. Being a potential candidate for this position, I would like to generate new and collaborative ideas with my colleagues that can increase student involvement around campus.

Vice President of Finance

Korbin Kepner

Korbin KepnerMy name is Korbin Kepner, and I hope to become the 2020-2021 Vice President of Finance. From my first semester at Pace I was acting in the Eboard of both Pace Drama Alliance and Hillel; and I have only continued to become more involved on campus and more invested in the success of student organizations. I’ve done everything in my power to support every org I have been involved in, such as PDA, Hillel, POWER, Pi Lambda Phi, Pride at Pace, and IFC. I have created successful budgets for 3 different clubs, I have personally founded an organization, and I have directly assisted and supported both Madia Bestman as VP of Finance from 2018-2019 and Cíara Kain as VP of Finance from 2019-2020 acting as a “Financial Delegate” a year and a half before the finance committee existed. I have personally been delegated to finalize organization budgets through OrgSync on both of their behalf, so I already have sufficient experience and knowledge on the back end as well as the front end of the budget process.

In short, I have 3 years of Student Government/Leadership experience, 2 years of experience with the inner workings of this specific position, and extensive experiences creating, funding, and running student events. On top of this, I have a personal relationship with the Director of SDCA, the Director of Multicultural Affairs, and a significant portion of Chartwells staff in Kessel. All of these experiences and connections make me a more than qualified candidate for the position. While in the position, I hope to make the budgeting process more accessible to the student body, encourage more (as well as better) events that will increase campus involvement and create a closer community among students, improving the Pace campus as a whole.

Student Director of Programming

Kia Peart

Kia PeartAs the Student Director of Programming, it will be my duty to encourage student involvement through interactive campus activities that will help students foster new connections outside of their residence halls. This will be done by focusing on programs that alleviate the issue of stress, as well as multicultural involvement so that students can understand different perspectives. Programs that allow students to have a worthwhile university experience will be at the forefront of my duties because the life of a student should go beyond academics.

CHP Student Ambassador

Grainne McGinley

Grainne McGinleyHi everyone! My name is Grainne McGinley and I am a sophomore nursing major in the college of health professions and I'm interested in representing you as your ambassador! Throughout my time at Pace, I have been involved in numerous clubs and organizations such as the Residence Hall Association, National Student Nurses Association, Setters leadership program and more! I really want to be a voice and outlet for students and make sure y'all are being heard!

Brian Powell

Brian PowellMy involvement on campus has taught me how to advocate for others throughout my three years at Pace. With this position I hope to advocate and be able to voice out the concerns for the students within the College of Health Professions. Placing my own values and goals aside, We will combine our goals as one community in order to create a positive experience and impact for the College of Health Professions.​

Victoria Urban

Victoria UrbanAs the current CHP Ambassador, I believe that I have the experience that this position requires and the knowledge and resources to better our school. Over the past year, I have implemented changes in faculty, the curriculum, and I have constantly stood up for students and the issues and concerns they have faced. I enjoy my work, and I am always available to listen to the students' needs. I want to continue the positive changes I have made throughout the next school year to ensure a better experience for all.

Dyson Student Ambassador

Brennan Conley

Brennan ConleyInvolvement. College is meant to be the time of unforgettable experiences and memories you take with you as you pursue your career and change the world. I want to do whatever I can to enhance the experience for everybody. As much as I want to come off official, I am a student, just like everyone else. I hold the same values and goals that college students share across our community, so why wouldn't I have your best interest in mind, if they are the same? Know that I am driven and a huge advocate of positive change and individual impact. Anyone has the power to change the world, so let's do it! I check my email frequently and am up to date with current events happening at Pace, so if you've got a concern, chances are it's already on my radar and I was just waiting for someone to speak out. I may be a freshman, but that's not stopping me from reaching my potential and improving our lifestyle as much as I can. Let's make some change.

Elections Committee

The elections committee is charged with providing a free, fair, and accessible election process each year for the Student Government Association Executive Board. They aim to make this process as open and transparent as possible for the entire Pace University-Pleasantville community through a series of policies and expectations that are in line with the Student Government Association Constitution. Any questions about the elections process can be directed to the Election Committee members:

Shawn Livingston
Senior Assoc. Director, SDCA and Exec. Advisor, SGA
Phone: (914) 773-3863

Erika Schmid
Legislative Advisor & Coordinator for Student Affairs, Dean for Students Office
Phone: (914) 773-3351