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Student Development Westchester

SOPI Rating System for Student Organizations


The SOPI Rating system was created by the Center for Student Development & Campus Activities for two main reasons.

  • Establish a consistent language for the current status of all recognized student organizations and greek chapters on the Westchester campus
  • Reward those groups that are high achieving and provided required development for those that are not.

The SOPI Rating System will go Live this Fall 2015 and full implementation will be completed by the Spring 2016 semesters. 

Awards and recognition programs will incorporate the SOPI Rating, so all groups should be aware of where they are at!

A full detailed listing of the Student Organization and Greek Chapter requirements can be found at the below links!

Understanding How BGP works

Student organizations/Greek lettered chapters will be placed into one of the following categories based on the following principles. 


- has not met the requirements outlined for student organizations/Greek lettered chapters
- not eligible for the Pace Pride awards
- officers and advisors must meet with SDCA professional staff member to cover an action plan for the semester
* If a group remains blue for three consecutive semesters, the organization would become unrecognized. The reinstatement process for each group is made on a case-by-base basis determined by professional staff within SDCA


- Has met all of the requirements outlined for student organizations/Greek lettered chapters
- Can be nominated for the group awards available for recognition at the Pace Pride awards


- Has met all of the requirements of a gold rated organization and must complete three of the five to each platinum status
- service within faculty/academic departments - my organization engages with faculty/academic departments by…
- event with local community service organization
- 20% of an organization membership must attend at least one of the Setter Leaderships programs or services
- co-sponsor a program with more than two of the following: athletics, hall councils, commuters, departments, student organizations, Greek organizations or honor societies

Fall 2016 BGP Rating