Students walking near the Kessel Student Center, on the Pace University campus in Pleasantville, NY

Download the current list of committee chairs and members (XLSX).

Judicial Board

  • Chaired by the executive vice president
  • Judicial committee oversees judicial sanctions against organizations
  • Judicial committee handles election complaints when the election committee cannot
  • Judicial committee has the power to reverse or limit any decisions made by the executive branch (executive board) or legislative branch (voting members)

Election Committee

  • Chaired by the president
  • Election committee sets policies for campaign and election advertising
  • Election committee sets dates for voting and election events
  • Election committee sets requirements and eligibility for candidacy, and responds to any complaints during the election period

Programming Board

  • Chaired by the vice president of programming
  • Programming board guides the programming processes of SGA to ensure appropriate spread in terms of both variety and timing of events
  • To ensure that the full-time undergraduate population is served by the programming
  • To create programs and events for the entertainment and/or the enrichment of the undergraduate student body

Constitution Committee

  • Chaired by the president or by their designee
  • Ensures that the constitution is accessible and communicated to SGA
  • Ensures that the constitution is up-to-date and serves the interests of the study body in a comprehensive and efficient manner
  • May submit constitutional amendments to the legislative branch, including revisions to the entire constitution

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Chaired by the president or by their designee
  • Ensures that academic quality is upheld throughout the University for the good of the general student body
  • Receives and handles any complaints or resolutions pertaining to academia including: student evaluations, course availability, issues over grading policies, etc.
  • Works in conjunction with the school representatives to address topics regarding the academic schools

Unity Committee

  • Chaired by the vice president of unity and social justice
  • Ensures that Tunnel of Oppression is hosted
  • Actively addresses topics pertaining to unity and social justice on campus through demonstrations, programs, and resolutions
  • Ensures that the student body is informed of topics that directly affect students, both on the local and global scale
  • Assists the vice president of unity and social justice in their mission to unite leadership between the New York City and Pleasantville campuses through hosting cross-campus forums to discuss ideas, issues, concerns, and solutions for both campuses

Administrative Outreach Committee

  • Chaired by the vice president of administration
  • Receives and addresses student complaints from public discussion or from community meetings
  • Refers issues to the appropriate offices or departments within the University
  • Receives updates and information from University offices or departments and conveys the information to the full-time undergraduate community
  • Hosts meetings which entertain both students, faculty, staff, and administration on a variety of topics ranging from dining to transportation