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Study Abroad

Dyson College of Arts and Science Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led courses offer a study abroad experience organized and led by Pace University faculty from Dyson. Students pay Pace tuition in addition to the program fee and other expenses, depending on the program. Pace tuition and fees, including a $100 Study Abroad Fee, are billed to the student account at the time of course registration. Program fees (room and/or board, local transportation) are paid directly to the Education Abroad Office. Out-of-pocket expenses (airfare, meals not included in program fees, etc.) are the responsibility of the student.

Dyson Scholarships available for Spring 2019
Dyson offers a limited number of competitive World Cultural Exchange Fund awards worth $1,000 each for undergraduate/graduate faculty-led programs/courses for the Spring 2019 semester. Applicants must be enrolled in any major at Dyson College and must have accrued a minimum of 12 credits at Pace. Applicants with QPA below 3.0 will not be considered.

Fall 2018 Semester with January 2019 Study Abroad

January 2019 Study Abroad
This course meets during the winter semester at Pace, with study abroad taking place during the winter intersession.

Spring 2019 Semester/Spring Break 2019 Study Abroad
This course meets during the 2019 spring semester, with study abroad taking place during spring break.

Spring 2019 Semester/Summer 2019 Study Abroad
These courses meet during the spring semester, with study abroad taking place during summer:

Spring 2020 Semester/Summer 2020 Study Abroad
This course meets during the spring 2020 semester, with study abroad taking place during May 2020.

  • Greece: Math 102 - Mathematics for Life
    Through a 9-day visit to Athens and Greek Isles, students will apply the foundational content from Math 102 to show real-world models of mathematics. Visits are included to sites famous to the creation of geometry and symbolic logic. (Program in development)


Previous Dyson Faculty-Led Programs:

  • Costa Rica: Spanish SPA 101 & 102
  • India: Psychology PSY 296K or 651O Understanding a Globalized World; or NUR 299 Cross Cultural Study: Health Care Delivery Systems. 
  • Paris: Psychology PSY 296 or 651 Understanding a Globalized World. 
  • Cuba: Media & Communications MCA 254 or 655 Producing the Documentary: Sustainability in Cuba. 
  • Costa Rica: Biology and Art BIO301 & ART271 Collaboration & Consilience.