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Study Abroad

Steps to Study Abroad

How to Choose a Program

Please review our Steps to Study Abroad (PDF)

  • Have you attended an in-person or online Study Abroad 101 yet? If not, find a time to attend and learn important initial information about studying abroad.
  • Identify your goals and desired outcomes for your experience abroad.
  • Review the types of programs information to determine what best suits you timeline and goals.
  • Search for a program using criteria that are important to you.
  • Schedule a Study Abroad Advising Appointment to discuss any remaining questions and for guidance to select a program.

Consult Your Academic Advisor

Discuss a good time for you to study abroad and how the courses you take abroad will fit into your academic plan. Complete the Course Approval Form in consultation with your academic advisor. Note: Course Approval is not applicable to Faculty-Led programs.

Consider Your Financial Situation

Review the payment and financial aid policies for your selected program. Please note that financial aid can be used only for credit-bearing experiences. You should also explore scholarships and fellowships for which you might be eligible.

Talk to Your Family

It’s important to discuss studying abroad with your family. The more informed they are, the more comfortable they will feel. Refer your family to our Parents & Family page for useful information about study abroad.


Create your Study Abroad Application. Check to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements of the program and that you submit your application in advance of the program deadline.

Note that the requirements will vary depending on your selected program. Be sure to complete all the application requirements as outlines in the brochure. After the initial application has been completed and processed by Pace Abroad, students will receive an e-mail regarding their application status and instructions on the next steps, visa instructions, budget planning, etc…