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Study Abroad Policy

Pace University provides qualified students the option to live and study in a variety of approved international destinations during their studies. This opportunity is extended to qualified Pace students in all academic majors, subject to availability of existing programs and resources, and with approval of their academic unit.

All Pace-sanctioned study abroad endeavors - including study, spring break, and/or any other international programs representing Pace University (with the exception of Athletics) - must adhere to these policies and procedures.

Students studying abroad must apply to Pace Study Abroad first and complete the application process, including submission of all forms, documents and legal releases.

Pace International will ensure consistency in the handling of issues related to quality assurance, risk management, institutional and employees’ liability, and personal safety of the students. It will also ensure compliance with the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and with The Forum on Education Abroad Standards of Good Practice and Code of Ethics.

Study Abroad Eligibility

  • Student must be currently enrolled at Pace, in good standing related to disciplinary and academic records, and be 18 years of age prior to the program start date.
  • Requirement per study abroad program type:
    • Semester/Year: completion of one full academic prior to the term abroad
    • Short-term: completion of one semester prior to term abroad 
    • Faculty-Led: dependent on the program
  • GPA requirements per study abroad program type. Some international institutions and/or programs may require a higher GPA. These GPA requirements must be met both at the time of application and at the time the program starts; additional requirements may be specified by the program sponsor.
    • Semester/Summer Abroad: 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA. Some programs require a higher GPA.
    • Faculty-Led: 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA. Some programs require a higher GPA.
    • Sponsored International Students must obtain written authorization from their corporate or government sponsor, if any, prior to applying for study abroad. They must also consult with an international student advisor regarding their U.S. immigration requirements. International students will be responsible for any visas required by the study abroad program country.
  • The maximum length of study abroad per program type:
    • Semester Abroad, Pace Partner program: Limited to 1 academic year or 2 semesters for undergraduates. The maximum for graduate students will be determined by the student’s academic department.
    • Semester Abroad, Exchange Partner program: The maximum for undergraduate and graduate students will be determined by the student’s academic department.
    • Short-Term (Summer or January): The maximum for undergraduate and graduate students will be determined by the student’s academic department.
  • Students under Academic or Disciplinary Sanctions
    • A student who is on academic or disciplinary probation or does not meet academic continuation requirements may not be permitted to study abroad during the period the sanction is in effect, regardless of the student's acceptance in a program. Upon submission of the Study Abroad application, Study Abroad will conduct a check of a student's academic and disciplinary record to determine eligibility for study abroad. Students may not apply to study abroad while suspended from Pace.
  • Students are required to sign a release of disciplinary and academic honesty records, and to sign a Statement of Responsibility & Release from Liability Agreement. Per FERPA, the University reserves the right to contact a parent(s)/spouse or family members on issues of health, safety or security.
  • Students traveling or studying abroad in university sanctioned programs remain under the jurisdiction of Pace policies, rules, and regulations found in the Code of Conduct and in the Student Handbook. They are also under the jurisdiction of the codes of conduct of the partner institution or provider. Program participation may be terminated for violations of either policy with the subsequent loss of credits and of tuition payment, and possible disciplinary action upon the return to campus.
    • Failure to comply with any policies, whether outlined by Pace University or the Overseas Host University/Program Provider, may result in dismissal from the Study Abroad Program, and could lead to disciplinary action when the student returns to campus.
  • Any student seeking to appeal a decision regarding their eligibility to participate in a Pace study abroad program should address the appeal in writing to the Assistant Vice President of Pace International.

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  • Pace Study Abroad offers various programs in numerous destinations around the world: faculty-led courses, summer or January programs, and semester-long programs.
  • Pace academic credits for study abroad will only be awarded to students who have (1) applied and been accepted to study abroad by Pace Education Abroad and (2) completed their credit equivalency process.  
  • Students may petition to participate in programs not listed by Pace Education Abroad, when the listed programs do not meet the student’s academic and career goals the way an alternative program would. Petitions for specialty programs suited to the student’s major, or graduate school plans, as well as for study in countries not served by the above programs, will be considered. Petitions for programs in locations or countries where Pace has exchange agreements will only be considered for exceptional reasons.
  • Study Abroad students will select their courses with the assistance of their faculty/academic adviser. When a student takes a course abroad that is not in Pace's previously-approval course database for that program, students must submit a Course Approval Form signed by the applicable Department Chair(s) for each course. All courses a student takes abroad must be approved by an Academic Advisor. Courses approved as substantially equivalent to Pace’s will satisfy the same curriculum requirements as the Pace course satisfies. Courses for which there is no Pace equivalent, but which are deemed appropriate or desirable to enhance the student’s educational goals or specialization major, must have the approval of the Department Chair.
  • Students should seek approval for more courses than they are intending to take prior to departing campus in order to minimize problems with changing classes while abroad. Students choosing to drop/add courses while abroad must obtain new approval from their Department Chair. Such approvals could be confirmed via email. Students must notify Pace Study Abroad in writing regarding proposed course substitutions or changes. Students will not receive academic credit for classes that do not have a signed Course Approval Form, regardless of whether they have completed them, or have paid for the new courses.
  • All courses taken abroad must be taken for a grade - not for Pass/ Fail. Credit for work completed overseas will appear on the Pace University transcript. In place of a letter grade, the designation “P” (Pass) will be assigned for all courses in which the student received a “D” or higher. Grades below a “D” will be assigned the designation “U” (Unsatisfactory). The grades earned in the courses will not count in the Pace GPA.
    • Students enrolling in a Pace internship, research project, and/or independent study course as part of their study abroad program must be approved by a Pace faculty supervisor who will grade the course. This grade will be processed as any regular Pace course.
  • Students going for a semester abroad must enroll in a minimum equivalent of 12 Pace credit hours for undergraduate (and 9 credit hours for graduate). While studying abroad, students must maintain a full-time course load each term. Failure to keep full-time status may result in cancellation of their term abroad with the subsequent loss of academic credits, tuition payment and federal or other financial aid.
  • Grade appeals regarding study abroad courses will be considered in accordance with the procedures of the host institution or the provider. In the case of a Pace Independent Study course(s) taken abroad, appeals will be processed as any other Pace course.

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Financial Policy

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Pace Study Abroad is committed to identifying affordable study abroad options for Pace students and has adopted policies and practices that ensure a semester abroad will not substantially exceed the costs of a semester on campus. Pace students studying abroad for a semester with approved programs will continue to be registered on campus and pay Pace tuition and fees, which will be applied towards payment of study abroad program tuition. Students studying on a short-term program (not categorized as a Pace Faculty-Led program) will pay all costs associated with the program to the program provider or partner.
    • Students studying abroad for a semester or an academic year with a Pace-approved program will retain their federal and state financial aid. Students can use up to $10,000 of their Pace semester scholarships and grants for program providers whose academic program fees total 50% or less of Pace’s semester tuition. For program providers whose semester academic program fees are between 51% and 75% of Pace’s semester tuition, students may use up to $5,000 of their Pace semester scholarships. For program providers where the academic program fee is 76% or higher of Pace’s semester tuition, no Pace scholarship monies may be applied. If a provider’s fee is higher than Pace’s tuition, the student will be charged the higher amount. Pace tuition remission does not apply. Tuition payment is due in accordance with OSA’s standard semester deadlines.
    • EXCEPTION to Financial Aid and Scholarships (1.a.): higher cost programs will be considered for destinations requiring an extra level of support to ensure student health and safety and mitigate institutional risk. Students will be required to provide a rationale for the use of these programs and ensure there are no alternatives. If approved, students will be able to take up to $10,000 of their scholarship with them. Exceptions will be limited to 15% of the participating semester abroad population.
    • Students participating in one of Pace’s Exchange semester programs retain all of their federal financial aid and 100% of their Pace institutional aid. Room/board/student fees, apart from those related to Pace tuition and fees, are paid directly to the exchange partner, unless otherwise noted. Tuition remission applies to all Pace exchange programs, given the TR student applies and has been accepted to the exchange program.
  • This financial policy applies only to approved Pace Study Abroad Programs. Students are not able to apply their financial aid and/or scholarships in support of non-approved programs. Programs are approved through Pace Study Abroad.
  • Certain Pace scholarships that require performance or service on campus, such as Athletic, Graduate Teaching Assistantships, and Recognition awards, may not normally apply to study abroad.
  • Pace Study Abroad will provide the estimated costs of airfare, room and board and special course fees for the semester abroad to the Office of Student Financial Services. Students going abroad will receive their Financial Aid Award Letter reflecting the cost of attendance on the usual schedule.

Tuition & Costs

  • Students participating in the Pace Study Abroad Program for a semester or a year will pay the regular Pace tuition regardless of the foreign institution/provider tuition cost, unless the institution’s tuition is higher than Pace’s. Pace will pay directly for the cost of foreign tuition to the maximum of on-campus tuition. If another school’s tuition is higher than Pace’s, the student will be charged at the higher rate.
    • Students accepted to a program with tuition costs higher than Pace’s tuition are responsible to pay the additional cost to Pace; the balance will be debited to their student account.
    • Tuition remission benefits for children of university employees apply only to study on campus, the University will not pay a provider or a foreign institution for educational costs. However, for semester study abroad, tuition remission students will be charged only the actual cost of the foreign tuition when this is lower than Pace’s. Dependent students are responsible for all related costs, including but not limited to application fees, airfare, room and board at the study abroad location, optional tours, damage deposits, student activity or facilities fees, excursions, entertainment, books, ground transportation, and personal expenses. In addition, tuition remission students can participate in one of Pace’s Exchange programs and retain the normal use of their tuition remission benefit. Room/board and student fees, apart from those related to Pace tuition and fees, are paid directly to the exchange partner, unless otherwise noted.
  • Students are also responsible for all other study abroad related costs, including but not limited to: study abroad application fees, airfare, room and board at the study abroad location, optional tours, damage deposits, student activity or facilities fees, excursions, entertainment, books, ground transportation, and personal expenses, unless otherwise specified by the negotiated billing agreement between Pace and the program provider.
  • All students applying to study abroad must pay a $100 Pace Study Abroad Fee, in addition to any application fees required by the study abroad program provider. This fee is attached to study abroad registration and will be charged when tuition is charged for the semester. The Pace Study Abroad Fee is an administrative fee that covers costs associated with study abroad including the licensing of the online application platform used by Pace Study Abroad, and a graduation sash displaying the flag of the country where the student studied abroad.
  • Exchanges are special relationships between Pace and selected international universities and are intended to promote international cooperation and enrich the campus culture. Participating students are responsible for paying the tuition to their home institution and the room board and required fees to the host institution. Pace Study Abroad will maintain records to monitor the balance of exchange students with individual exchange institutions.
  • Refunds will be handled according to the terms outlined in Pace’s regular tuition refund policies. Students who voluntarily or involuntarily withdraw from their study abroad program will be subject to both Pace’s and the host organization/institution withdrawal policies and penalties. Students withdrawing from a program for any reason will be responsible for expenses that were made on their behalf and that are non-refundable, including a $30 application withdraw fee if a study abroad withdraws after accepting a place in a program. In addition they may be subject to refund policies of the study abroad provider or institution to which they have applied. Mid-semester withdrawals for any reason will require the university to perform a recalculation of eligibility for financial aid under the mandated federal formula (Return of Title IV Aid Calculation). This calculation may not be appealed.

Faculty-Led Programs:

  • In addition to Pace tuition, students pay (1) a Program Fee for the overseas component, and (2) a $100 Study Abroad Fee. A $500 non-refundable deposit — payable to Pace Education Abroad, via Terra Dotta — is required to secure participation on a faculty-led program and be registered in the course by Education Abroad. The Program Fee and the $100 Study Abroad Fee are billed to the student's OSA account upon course registration. The $500 deposit will appear as a credit towards the Program Fee on the student’s OSA account. Out-of-pocket expenses (airfare, visas, some meals, etc.) are not included in the Program Fee and are the responsibility of the student. See here for scholarships. Student are subject to Pace University's Tuition Cancellation Policy.
    • In the case of cancellation of participation:
      • If a student wishes to cancel their participation in a faculty-led program, they should drop the course in Banner and notify Education Abroad in writing) before the end of the drop/add period. 
      • If a student withdraws from a Faculty-Led course after the drop/add period, they are subject to Pace University academic guidelines.
      • Any refunds of Study Abroad program fees are considered on a case-by-case basis, and if confirmed would be made available only after program completion. The $500 deposit and $100 study abroad fee is are non-refundable.

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International Travel

Pace University's International Travel Policy precludes university-affiliated student travel to locations under current U.S. Department of State (DoS) travel advisory Levels 3 and 4. Students who desire travel to such a location should consult with a Pace University Education Abroad Advisor for more information about possibly requesting a waiver to the policy if a Level 3 advisory exists - email While staff and faculty are not prohibited from travel to a destination under a travel advisory, they are encouraged to discuss their travel plans with supervision. 

Find out whether or not your desired destination is under a DoS travel warning.

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Health Insurance

Pace University students are covered under an emergency health and evacuation insurance policy at no additional charge. The coverage begins on the first day of the program and ends on the last day of the program. Pace has selected a uniform policy specifically designed for students abroad that provides adequate levels of insurance for students worldwide. Some programs abroad may require additional insurance policies. Many national plans required by the host country do not cover students when traveling to other countries, and do not include important features such as emergency evacuation. Pace University requires its students to maintain their domestic health insurance even while they are abroad. The emergency health insurance policy covers students ONLY while they are outside of the United States and the policy terminates upon return to the United States.

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