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Summer Scholars

Business Administration

Week 1: Introduction to Business

This course module will give a broad overview of a business and its various functions: finance, accounting, management, and marketing. We will identify and describe the parts of a business, explore interrelationships between business functions, highlight the use of data analysis in guiding business decisions, and examine various aspects of a business such as relevance of market share, the role of production, and types of expenses and their impact on revenue. A business simulation will provide participants with an opportunity to experience the impact of business decisions and competition on profits and sales.

Week 2: Introduction to Arts and Entertainment Management

In this track's second week, students will apply what they learned to the Arts & Entertainment industry. In the process, they will develop an understanding of the concepts, theories, and processes used in nonprofit and commercial entertainment organizations, and learn about organizational structure, managerial styles, boards of trustees, and human resources. In addition to discussing and developing strategies for marketing, financing, and fund-raising, we will also explore current trends and opportunities in the industry.