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PreCollege Summer Immersion Program

For Guidance Counselors

Do you have current sophomores or juniors interested in furthering their educational experience during the summer? Are your students beginning to prepare for the college application process? If so, the PreCollege Summer Immersion Program at Pace University may be an ideal opportunity for your students! Please keep in mind that students must turn 16 years old by the start date of the program (July 12, 2021).

The PreCollege Summer Immersion Program at Pace University is a groundbreaking and intensive college experience, offering a selective course of study designed for current high school sophomores and juniors eager to immerse themselves in the social and academic atmosphere of college life. Upon successful completion of the Institute, students will receive a Certificate of Course Completion. Those who subsequently matriculate at Pace will also receive three elective credits.

The PreCollege Summer Immersion Program faculty and staff have prepared the most interesting and challenging courses of study for their students. The courses are designed to enrich the minds of prospective college students. Each of the four tracks (Business, Psychology, Theatre Arts, and Digital Film) consists of courses taught by Pace University faculty.

Contact us to begin planning for the educational future of your students. Our website has additional information about our program. The application process opens in mid-January, 2021.

You can reach us at

Sincerely yours,
Nicole Vitale
Director, Summer Programs