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Pace Online Degree Completion Program Application Deadline

The following deadline is for the Pace Online program only.

Spring Semester December 19, 2017 (preferred deadline)

Pace Online Spring 2018 Academic Calendar

Early Spring Term

Online Seminar Begins January 4, 2018
Classes Begin January 18, 2018

Late Spring Term

Online Seminar Begins January 25, 2018
Classes Begin February 8, 2018

Spring Term for RN-BS Students ONLY

Classes Begin January 22, 2018


Pace Online Summer 2018 Academic Calendar

Online Seminar Begins May 3, 2018
Classes Begin May 17, 2018


The Pace Online program offers students a variety of degree completion offerings to take the next step toward better career opportunities. Explore our programs and see which one is the best match for your personal and professional goals:
Bachelor’s Degrees:
Associate Degrees:

Transfer Credit Policy

  • Courses completed with a grade of 2.0 (C) or higher are eligible for transfer credit.
  • A maximum of 68 credits may be transferred from two-year institutions.
    • A maximum of 90 credits can be allowed for transfer from a four – year institution except for the BBA in Business Studies which allows a maximum of 75 transfer credits.
  • Please note that there are the maximum number of credits that a transfer student can potential receive. However, not all transfer credits may count toward your intended degree due to major requirements.

To see which credits from previous institutions may be accepted for transfer credit, use our Transfer Credit Equivalencies web tool. Please note: courses not found in this database may be transferable once an evaluation of the course descriptions and/or syllabi is completed upon a student's application and admission to the University.

Other sources of transfer credit:

Pace will accept credit from institutions accredited by a regional affiliate of the Commission of Higher Education (e.g. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools). However, other sources of credit include the following:

  • Credit completed at institutions not regionally accredited with the approval of the appropriate chairpersons and dean
  • Results of acceptable performance on standardized proficiency examinations
  • CLEP exams

How does the Course Evaluation Process work?

The Pace Online Admission Committee will collaborate with the chairperson of each academic department to review your transcripts and evaluate which courses meet the above requirements for credit. This evaluation process typically takes 2-3 weeks.
Occasionally, course descriptions and course syllabi are required. If so, this will be noted on the Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) sheet that you will receive once admitted. (Note: Course descriptions will be required for all courses completed outside of the United States.) You should provide these documents as soon as possible to expedite the course evaluation process.
If additional courses are completed after admission, these will also be considered for credit upon submission of an updated transcript. Should additional credit be awarded, you will receive an updated Transfer Credit Evaluation Worksheet.

Courses (The following includes both concentrations)
Total degree requirements: 120 credits
  • Transfer credits: 56-64 credits
  • Degree completion requirement: 56-64 credits
IT Foundation (20 credits)  
  • CIT 211 Introduction to Computer Systems (4)
  • CIT 221 Global Networking Technology (4)
  • CIT 231 Web Authoring and Digital Media (4)
  • CIT 241 Database Management (4)
  • CIT 251 Computer Security Overview (4)
Career Focus: Computer Forensics (20 credits)  
  • CIT 361 Forensic Investigation, Acquisition, and Analysis of Digital Evidence (4)
  • CIT 363 Computer Forensics, Cyberlaw and Evidence Admissibility (4)
  • CIT 365 Mobile Device Forensics (4)
  • CRJ 242 Crime and Public Policy (3)
  • CRJ 346A Terrorism and Society (4)
  • AIT 103 Online Seminar (1)
Career Focus: Business Technology Leadership (20 credits)  
  • BUS 150 Contemporary Business Practice (3)
  • MGT 150 Managerial and Organizational Concepts (3)
  • CIT 344 Project Management (4)
  • CIT or AIT electives at 300 level or higher (examples: CIT 361, 363, 365, AIT 381)
  • Students can choose from a maximum of one business elective at the 200 level or higher
Required Liberal Arts (16-24 credits)*
  • LIT 343A Contemporary American Literature
  • HIS 113W Wealth and American Culture 
  • PSY 260 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • SCI 230 Elements of Environmental Science
  • AIT 107 Computer Applications for Telecommunications (4) or CIS 101 Introduction to Computing (3)
  • MAT 125 Technical Math (4) or MAT 102 Mathematics for Life (4)
  • ENG 110 and ENG 120 (8)
If you cannot transfer at least 60 credits into the program, you may need to take additional arts and sciences courses with iPace to graduate.

Area hospitals strongly prefer RNs with a Bachelor's in Nursing.

The RN/BS program is designed for nurses with an Associate Degree or Diploma. This 100% online program can help you succeed based on:

  • Instruction by the same expert Pace Nursing faculty as traditional on-campus students
  • Cutting edge evidence-based theory courses linked to your clinical practice
  • Individualized clinical practice experiences for students to meet the essentials of a BSN education for professional nursing practice
  • Unique opportunities to take up to 9 credits at the graduate level and to obtain credit for professional certification
  • No entrance exams required.
If you are an RN with a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing, you have the following options:
  • Enroll in the Pace Online BS in Nursing Completion Program and obtain a 2nd bachelor's degree.
  • Enroll in our RN Master's Bridge Program, which will provide you with the equivalent coursework for a BSN and prepare you to matriculate into one of our graduate nursing programs. (Recommended)

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The total credits required to complete this degree are 120 credits. The curriculum below contains 56 credits. Students transferring in less than 64 credits will need to take additional arts and sciences credits at Pace to fulfill the 120 credits. 
Business Core (29 credits)
  • BUS 101 Contemporary Business Practice (3 cr.)
  • ACC 203 Financial Accounting (4 cr.)
  • ACC 204 Managerial Accounting (4 cr.)
  • LAW 101 Business Law I (3 cr.)
  • MAR 201 Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)
  • MGT 150 Managerial & Organizational Concepts (3 cr.)
  • FIN 260 Financial Management (3 cr.)
  • MGT 226 Business Analytics (3 cr.)
  • MGT 490 Business Strategy (3 cr.)

Statistics Requirement (4 credits)

  • MAT 117 Elementary Statistics (4 cr.)
Option #1: Marketing and Management Concentration (23 credits)
Required Concentration Courses:
  • MGT 240 International Mgt (3 cr.)
  • MGT 222 Organizational Behavior (3 cr.)
  • MAR 342 Public Relations (3 cr.)
  • MAR 349 Strategic Internet Marketing (3 cr.)
  • MAR 331 Managerial Marketing (3 cr.)

Elective Concentration Courses:

  • MGT/MAR Electives (6 credits)—to be determined
  • 1 Class in MAR 394 Marketing Internship or MAR 395 or MGT 395 Marketing or Management Independent Study (2 cr.)
Option #2: Accounting/Internal Auditing Concentration (23 credits)
Required Concentration Courses:
  • ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting (4 cr.)
  • ACC 305 Internal Auditing I (3 cr.)
  • ACC 306 Internal Auditing II (3 cr.)
  • ACC 319 Cost Accounting (4 cr.)
  • ACC 347 Periodic Financial Reporting (3 cr.)
  • ACC 366 Forensic Accounting (3 cr.)
  • ACC 375 Accounting Information Systems (3 cr.) [Pre-requisite ACC 347 or ACC 301]

For further information about the Pace Online program, request more information.

Pace Online Admissions
Pace University
551 Fifth Avenue, Room 806
New York, NY 10176

Phone: (212) 346-1324
Fax: (914) 989-8681


Why iPace is right for you

  • Fully online and hybrid online + in-person programs to fit your schedule

Top Rated Degree

  • The same Pace University degree that our on-campus students receive and which employers know and respect
  • A private university education at a significantly lower tuition cost
Career and Life Enhancement
  • Break through career roadblocks and achieve a sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime
  • On average, people with a Bachelor's Degree will earn $14,092 more per year*
Student Support
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