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The Sustainability Advocate

News Story

Joanne Mantzouridou Onasi ’22 is pursuing an MS in Strategic Management, which perfectly encompasses her time here at Pace. She’s the founder and president of the Strategy and International Business (SIB) club, an organization providing graduate students with opportunities to discuss, debate, and increase awareness of emerging topics related to strategy and international business. (They recently hosted an event on sustainability.)

It was with the help of Professor Ibraiz Tarique, PhD, that Joanne launched SIB. “The most rewarding part is definitely the support of my e-board. They trusted and believed in my vision for the club since day one, which motivated me very much,” she told us.

At first, Joanne was drawn to Pace for graduate school because it not only offered career opportunities, but a multicultural experience as well. “I wish more people knew that international students tend to really like sharing their culture and explain their traditions to others,” she added. (Hint: ask her about what it’s like in Greece!)

She’s currently working on tying in her passion for her culture with a thesis on sustainability and an upcoming project that she’s organizing called Fashion Revolution Greece. “[It’s] the first-ever sustainable fashion summer program in Greece,” Joanne told us, which pairs nicely with the GoodHuman app she is a founding member of as well. GoodHuman is an ethical marketplace for sustainable brands that aims to educate consumers and help them improve their purchasing habits.

It’s obvious sustainability is a passion of hers, and it all started when she was very young. “The entrepreneurial spirit has always been inside me. I think my father played a role in it being awakened,” Joanne told us. “Since I was a kid, I realized that a lot of things I was seeing were wrong and wanted to change them. The wasteful fashion industry was one of them.”

In 2017, Joanne decided to work toward changing that. Along with her sister, the two launched DeGRwear, which makes 100% handmade clothes and accessories in Greece.  “I love creating community, synergies, and positively impacting the environment around me in any way possible,” she said.

Even with the variety of different businesses and organizations that Joanne oversees, she still has time to create art. In addition to poetry, which she’s submitted for competitions over the years, she also paints. “I fell in love with the process of turning a white canvas into a colorful story,” Joanne told us. “I like vivid colors and different textures, so I play with them creating a unique piece every time.”

Don’t miss Lubin’s interview with Joanne to learn more about her experiences at Pace. This is one business expert and advocacy leader you’ll be hearing more about as she continues paving a way forward for a more sustainable world.

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The Worldwide Performer

News Story

The multi-talented Suhani Baviskar ’25 is as impressive as her resume suggests. Not only has she played piano professionally for many years, she also composes her own music and published an album, “Eventually,” which feature eight tracks with a variety of different instruments. Her interests include acting, photography, filmmaking, traveling, fitness, and directing—just to name a few of her pursuits. “I don’t let anyone underestimate me,” Suhani told us, and no one should.

“I was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome,” she explained, which occurred at a very young age. “Every year I’ve been through countless surgeries and challenges, but they don’t stop me from reaching my dreams. There was a time when I couldn’t eat or drink for six months, but I kept going because my goal is to become an actress and a worldwide performer.”

That’s what brought her to New York City, and specifically, choosing Pace. “I watched the Pace welcome video and cried with happiness because ever since I was born, I would tell everyone that I want to study in the greatest city in the world,” Suhani said. “Pace is a very diverse school with many opportunities, and I knew I would fit in right away.” She eventually decided to pursue art as her major because it tied in her love of film production and acting.

And she’s already planning ahead. “In my years at Pace, I want to continue to progress [...] and work in all the fields of entertainment,” Suhani told us. That includes her work producing music, too, which she says has helped her immensely through the challenges she faced. “Creating music saved me from all the negativity,” she explained. “Music is special to me because it defines who I am as a person. I wouldn’t be in this world today if I wasn’t creating music. It has saved my life multiple times.”

In the future, Suhani hopes to one day launch an organization helping to financially support children with disabilities in hospitals as well as their families. It’s a noble goal, but then, she isn’t the type to shy away from pursuing her dreams. “I’m a very dedicated person and have a lot of passion for what I do,” Suhani said. “I hope to inspire the world one day and help save lives with my music.”

Check out Suhani’s work on Instagram and Soundcloud! This is one star that’s definitely going places, and we’re excited to welcome her to the NYC Campus in the fall semester.

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The Singer-Songwriter

News Story

Arianna Domenech-Chetram ’22, otherwise known as Victoria Kingz, is a singer, songwriter, and world traveler. She’s performed in places like Carnegie Hall (twice!), a festival in Germany, colleges and hotels in China, and much more. But did you know she actually started out at Pace as a biology major?

“I realized that I was much happier creating music,” Arianna explained, which is why she ultimately decided to switch to Lubin’s arts and entertainment management—and it’s helped her a lot in her career. “I’ve learned so much about the entertainment field that I was clueless about before,” she said. “Singing and performing is one thing, but learning about [...] the music business and how to build yourself in the music industry is something different, and I’m glad I got to take those courses at Pace.”

Those classes tie in nicely with all the hard work she’s put in for her upcoming EP “Love Letters,” an immense achievement that was inspired by many different things. “One of my new songs [...] is called ‘Deep Dive,’ and I wrote it because I had just finished binge-watching TV shows and reading books based on love in the 1800s,” she said. Honestly? So relatable. “I decided to write a modern-day dance/pop song all about diving into love and the outcome of feeling betrayed.”

Her stage name, Victoria Kingz, was also inspired by something similar. While Victoria is her middle name, Arianna began to consider what she wanted to portray as a performer. “A ‘king’ title, for centuries, has been portrayed by men and [that] they’re the most ‘powerful’ in a community,” she told us. “I thought, well, ‘king’ is a powerful title. Why [can’t] a woman portray the title?” The z was added for a little extra flare—and, of course, a nod to all the women artists that Arianna looks up to. “I did it to portray the many king-titled women who led me here and who will continue to take over.” Long live the king women!

Looking ahead, Arianna hopes to continue traveling the world and sharing her music. “I’d love to collaborate with other Pace students who want to pursue the same careers as well,” she added.

And she had a few words of wisdom for anyone who might want to pursue music, too. “One thing that kept me away from the music industry was the money situation. Everyone before college had branded the mentality into me that you don’t make any money in the music industry or it’s just very rare,” she explained. “That’s one of the reasons why I went into biology first because I also love science, but I wasn’t happy in science. So I wish I knew to pursue something that I’d feel happy doing for the rest of my life instead of focusing on what others wanted me to do.”

You can catch Arianna’s work by following her on Instagram and Spotify. Her new EP will be dropping on Friday, May 21, 2021, and she’ll also be appearing on a podcast to talk about her work in music, so be sure to listen in. We’re so excited to see where Arianna takes her music career next!

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31st Annual Komen Race for the Cure

News Story

For more than 30 years, the Komen community has raced together to end breast cancer. On Sunday, September 12, 2021, we will race together virtually, and Pace has maintained a proud tradition of being the largest college/university team. We hope to continue that important distinction. Join us by registering for the Pace team today!

We’re stronger together. United by hope, we can support those who need help today, while fearlessly searching for tomorrow’s cures. Will you join us in this fight?

If you have questions regarding registration, please email Stacie Spitzkoff from Komen Race for the Cure. Additional questions can be directed to Shannon Thyberg, media relations associate for Pace’s Public Affairs department.

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Pop Around the Globe 2021

News Story

Did you catch every episode of Game of Thrones? Are you a big fan of Emily in Paris? Do you imagine yourself traveling to the far-flung locations featured in major movies and streaming shows? Then this is the virtual trip for you! Explore the world and pop culture through a dynamic continental tour offered by the Pace Abroad Leaders. All students are welcome:

Wednesday, April 28
2:00 p.m.
Meeting ID: 978 3406 4228
Password: popculture

Pace’s Education Abroad Office is here to assist with all your study abroad needs. Explore your many opportunities to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience—including faculty-led programs, semester or year abroad, and short-term programs. They will help you find the best program fit and guide you through the study abroad process. Change your Pace by studying abroad!

Here are a few helpful links for more information:

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Commencement 2021

News Story

There will be four virtual Commencement ceremonies for our New York City undergraduates, Pleasantville undergraduates, all graduate and doctoral students, and for the Elisabeth Haub School of Law. The full 2021 Commencement program will include a combination of a formal virtual ceremony and smaller, safer, in-person celebrations. Please be sure to review all the latest updates in regards to our upcoming events. We're excited to celebrate your accomplishments together.

Virtual Ceremonies

By joining these streams in real-time, you can join the chat and celebrate with your classmates, faculty, families, and friends. The ceremonies also will remain available for later viewing. Be sure to sign on the day of in order to receive the watch link:

May 17, 2021
1:00 p.m.
Watch the virtual ceremonies

In-Person Celebrations

In addition to our full-length virtual ceremonies, Pace is hosting several school-based events on the NYC and PLV campuses for our graduating students to gather for safe, socially distant celebrations and photos. These events will give everyone who plans to participate enough time to be recognized individually.

Before attending, please be sure to review all available information thoroughly. We’re excited to share in this important moment for you!

Hashtag Party

We want to see how you’re celebrating! Share your family photos and fondest Pace memories on social media using #PaceGrad2021. Tag your friends, tag us, tag your families. Share messages of thanks and hope for the future. We’ll be sharing your photos and videos on our social media channels during the month of May and will include them in our online ceremonies.

Online Survey

Career Services is here for you—even if you’ve never worked with the team before. All you have to do is fill out a quick survey about your plans following graduation. It should take less than five minutes, and you’ll be entered to win one of ten $200 Amazon gift cards. (Drawings will happen on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.)

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The Talk Show Host

News Story

Ashvin Kapoor ’24 has an important job: he’s using his comedic talents (not to mention business skill) to make people laugh during an unprecedented time of loss and loneliness. Through his brand new radio program, The Ashvin Show, he’s not only bringing people together, but also challenging his audience to think critically. “[It’s] something I’ve been working on for years,” Ashvin told us. There have been a few iterations of his work including a YouTube channel before he switched gears at Pace. “Using radio as my medium [has] allowed me to explore different avenues such as music and interviews.”

He’s interviewed several Pace students already, where he expertly finds the heart of their stories to share with the community. “My favorite moment was probably when I was interviewing my good friend Taylor,” Ashvin explained. The segment was about how his friend performed while having a speech impediment. “It was just such an interesting story, and I was so happy that not only was I able to hear it, but through my show, I was able to broadcast [their] perspective to [my] audience.”

It’s that level of passion that truly makes Ashvin’s choice of arts and entertainment management the perfect fit in terms of a major. He actually first heard about Pace and its course offerings from his parents—both Pace alumni. Small world! “To this day, I think it’s the craziest thing that the same school my parents went to almost 20 years ago had the exact major I was looking for,” Ashvin told us. “I am so glad I ended up here because the arts and entertainment major is so focused and different from others.”

As he looks to the future, Ashvin hopes to one day transition his radio show to an in-person venue—live audience, live talk show, the works. “My goal is to make performing my career and be able to spread my message and my comedy,” he said. “Through comedy, I believe we are able to make others feel better, which is why I perform: to make others feel better just like other performers have done for me.”

Of course, he had a few words of wisdom for any aspiring Pace performers looking to launch their own brand, too. “Something I wish I knew was to not perform for the accolades, but to perform for yourself,” Ashvin said. “You are your own brand—not anyone else’s. Make sure you perform for yourself.” He also reminded any would-be artists that it took Kanye four albums before he created his best work. “Don’t sweat it.” No truer words were spoken.

You can catch The Ashvin Show live at 8:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays. Be sure to tune in and tell him we sent you! Maybe we’ll even hear your story featured on the airwaves next.

Interested in being featured? Submit for an interview! We’d love to share your Pace Path story.

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2021 English Department Writing Awards

News Story

You’re invited to join the NYC Campus English Department for a special award presentation honoring English majors and minors and students from English, AMS, and FSS major-level writing, literature, and film classes who have demonstrated excellence in creative writing, journalism, literary criticism, language and linguistic studies, and writing on film:

Thursday, April 22
3:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m.
Register to attend

Awards are in honor and memory of distinguished faculty members of the English Department such as Sarah H. Willis, Richard Gill, Gerard Cannon, James Rose, and Curtis Owens. The David A. Bickimer Promise of Learnings / Academy of American Poets Prize, established at Pace by the renowned poet John Ashbery, will also be awarded to an outstanding poet in the poetry competition. The Kelly Herbert Writing Award will be presented in collaboration with the LGBTQA+ and Social Justice Center.

In addition, APHROS magazine editor Sarah Perniciaro will present the new issue of the magazine, and APHROS writers will read with any other student and alumni writers who want to share their work at the close of the event. The ceremony will be conducted by Writing Award Co-Directors Helane Levine-Keating and Eugene Richie. We hope to see you there!

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From Here Screening and Q&A

News Story

From the epicenter of today’s global migration debates, From Here is a documentary that follows four young people who represent the future of global citizenry. It was filmed over the better part of a decade in two of the world’s largest immigration countries: the US and Germany.

Set in Berlin and New York, From Here interweaves the stories of Tania, Miman, Sonny, and Akim—artists and activists raised in the Global North to parents from the Global South. The film accompanies them as they move from their 20s into their 30s, facing major turning points: fighting for citizenship, creating a family, surviving violence, and finding creative expression. Join us for this important screening:

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
7:00 p.m. (screening)
8:30 p.m. (live Q&A)
Meeting ID: 948 8772 0131
Password: FH42021

A live virtual Q&A will take place after the screening. It will feature filmmaker Christina Antonakos-Wallace as well as Tania Mattos and Sonny Singh (the two New Yorkers featured in the film). They will chat about immigration policy in both the US and Germany, how such policy affects young immigrants, what has and will change in both the US and Germany as a result of shifts in political parties and leaders, and whether living in “cosmopolitan” centers like New York and Berlin provide more opportunities to belong—even in the face of nationalist movements.

For a link to the film for independent viewing or if you have any questions, please email Amy Foerster.

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Library Shelf: April 2021

News Story

What the Library Can Help With:

The Pace Library is an exciting place for scholarship, community, collaboration, service, and research. They’re an information hub and campus crossroads for academic and social activities, and they offer a wide array of resources and services including access to over 120 research databases (from on or off-campus), print and e-books, resource sharing partnerships with local area libraries and consortia, and comprehensive interlibrary loan services for materials not owned by the Pace Library.

Now? They’re ready and eager to assist you with finishing up that research paper. Pace Librarians can directly assist with two key components in the writing process before you have to hit submit:

  • >> Sourcing: Yes, you can totally impress your professor. The Pace Library will show you how!
  • >> Citations and References: Are they formatted correctly? Do they make sense? Should you choose a different reference to support your work?

They are also available to support research during the summer months as well. Reach out! You never know what you might discover.

How to Get in Touch:

All research appointments are available via virtual meetings, phone calls, or in-person meetings (which must include social distancing and mask-wearing). To get started, select your library:

You can also text your questions to the following number: 1 (646) 798-1642.