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Brand Standards

A brand is more than just a logo. It defines how people think of Pace and how Pace thinks of itself. These Brand Standards provide the information you need for communicating the Pace brand appropriately, both internally and externally. These rules and guidelines apply to all material produced for and by Pace University. All designers, editors, writers, vendors, suppliers, and all those who produce promotional or marketing matter in which Pace University is the focus must comply with the style and identity rules in this guide. This includes all work produced internally and externally, by and for Pace University in which University funds are spent. There are no exceptions or exclusions from using the brand guide when creating visual media or communications that represent Pace University.

Visual Identity

Editorial Style

One of the essential components to effective written communication is a universal editorial style. Pace University’s editorial style is what gives Pace a cohesive and uniform voice across the entirety of the Pace brand—from brochures to bumper stickers and from websites to formal invitations. This section of the Brand Standards addresses common style and spelling issues, word usage, and approved abbreviations and punctuation style.

Pace University follows The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage provides authoritative answers on grammar and word usage.

Presentation Style

Social Media Style

Social media is a constantly evolving channel of communication that provides many opportunities to connect with people in ways no other medium can. With a good game plan and creative approach, having a presence in social media can prove to be invaluable. Pace University’s social media style guide will ensure your social content is presented clearly, effectively, and succinctly.

Web Style

The Pace University website communicates to a global audience the mission, image, identity, and values of the institution; the talent of the University community; and the breadth of our institutional resources, programs, and services. While faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to publish freely, it is important that the information about Pace University is conveyed accurately and consistently with other University communications. This guide will assist you in creating webpages that support the University’s overall brand.

  • Web Style Guide (PDF): All official Pace University webpages must adhere to the guidelines for images, colors and fonts.