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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the questions most often posed by our clients. Should you have a specific question that hasn't been addressed in this section, please email us. For questions about or your Web project, please visit the Online Communications FAQ.

How do I start a print project?
Whether you will complete your project through Marketing and Communications, or with an outside vendor, it must be approved prior to initiation. Begin by completing a Project Initiation/Approval Form. Submit the completed form to us, we will contact you if we have additional questions. Projects requiring approval and not production require a 5 working day lead time. Projects that will be produced by the Department of Marketing and Communications generally require 30 working days for completion, depending on the complexity of the job. Please contact us if you have any questions while completing the form.

I want to start a new project, but I'm not sure what type of project to create. Can you help me with this?
Absolutely. You can request a consultation meeting with us and together we will conceptualize what best satisfies your communications needs. We will formulate and discuss ideas to respond to a variety of important questions such as:

  • Objective of the product. What is the purpose of the finished product? Is it to sell? Inform? Reference?
  • Audience. Will the printed material be for departmental use, for students, for alumni, or for some other group? The design approach is different for each.
  • Style and tone of the product. The type of paper, typography, and illustrations will vary with tone and style.
  • Complexity and price estimate of the finished product. Will it contain photographs? Will it be strictly typographic? Will it be a two-color or four-color job?

I have a very important, complex project. Can your department handle it?
Yes. During the consultation meeting in which we discuss your communications objectives, including budget, design concept, copy, target audience, quantity, production schedule, and distribution preference, we also determine our capability of producing your project. If a heavy workload or a short delivery schedule prevents our team from producing your project efficiently, we will suggest alternative methods such as allowing more production time; choosing a simpler design; honing or rewriting the copy; or even using a freelance writer or designer (and adjusting your budget, if necessary). Our aim is always to help you print a quality project within your budget.

Your department made an invitation for us last year. Do I still have to complete the Print Project Initiation Form?
Yes. Whether the project is being revised or updated, or is a new project altogether, you must still complete the Print Project Initiation Form. The form contains important information that helps us produce your project accurately and promptly.

Can you give me an estimate on what a project might cost?
Yes. During a consultation meeting we will go over the key points you want to achieve with your project and show you some samples. Based on the number of colors you want to use, the quantity to print, and the amount of money you have budgeted, we can provide estimates to help you determine your printing costs.

Does the estimate include both printing and mailing?
The cost of printing or producing a job is separate from the cost of mailing a job. Please allow enough money in your budget to cover both costs.

What is a comp?
The word "comp" is short for "comprehensive layout." A comp is the master plan or blueprint of the finished product. You will generally receive a comp of your print project for the purposes of reviewing and making corrections or changes.

I completed the Initiation Form and put in the date I needed the job. After all was said and done, the job didn't get in the mail until much later. Why was my job late?
Please keep in mind that the production of any project requires a minimum of 30 working days from start to finish. The production schedule expands if extensive rewriting or composition happens during the proofreading stage, or if more than three proofs are required to get your final approval. We cannot advance to the next stage unless we have your signed approval on the proof slip. Printing usually takes five to ten business days depending upon the complexity of the project, the amount of time required for mailing depends upon the type of project and the mailing classification (first-class; nonprofit).

How can I get a copy of my finished project put on our Web site?
When completing the Print Project Initiation Form, please indicate whether you want your finished project to be put on the Pace Web site. Please be sure to discuss how the project will be translated to the Web with the print production manager. For more specific information, please visit the Online Communications section of our site or contact

Do I have to give you the budget number and amount right away?
Yes. When completing the Print Project Initiation Form, please include the budget number and the anticipated budget amount. Projects will be delayed if there is not ample money in the account for the project.

I sent you original copy for my brochure and when I got back the first proof, I noticed that somebody changed what I wrote. Why did you change my words?
One of the professional services that we provide is editorial expertise. Editorial service includes much more than correcting typos. Our staff of professional editors-writers will ensure that all projects are proofread for grammar and edited as necessary to be consistent with the Pace style manual.

What kind of photos should I give you for my project?
You should ensure that the images you use are of optimum quality, appropriate in size, and relevant to your written message. Please refer to our Photography section for specific information.

Do I have to get permission to reprint a logo or image in my newsletter?
Yes. It is essential that we legally obtain the reprint and copyright permissions before using any image, logo, or language that is not owned by Pace. Contact the company or person directly to obtain the reprint/copyright permission language. You will be given the exact language to use.

How can I order business cards?
Business cards are ordered online through the Document Services . When ordering, please be sure to write down your confirmation number once you complete your order.