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Print Projects

In addition to providing strategic direction for your publication, the department of Marketing and Communications will help you design, edit, and produce your printed publications. If you need assistance, we will also help write your publication. Our guidelines provide you with the instructions and specifications you need to create the best publication possible, and our Frequently Asked Questions page answers your most frequently asked questions.

Please note that a minimum of 30 working days are required for print projects. Projects that must be written by marketing and communications staff will require additional time.

When your materials are ready, download our Print Project Initiation Form and Print Project Contract. Fill out the form and save it to your hard drive. E-mail it to us as an attachment at The forms can also be printed out and faxed to the department of Marketing and Communications at (212) 346-1092. Please remember to attach any additional materials needed (e.g. photos, previous versions, etc.). Once we have received the Print Project Initiation Form, we will review it and contact you to discuss any specific issues regarding your project.

To increase efficiency and reduce delays, it is important to provide the Department of Marketing and Communications with all the necessary information for your project before we begin working on it. Projects that are submitted with incomplete print initiation forms and without complete copy will not be started until all information is complete.

Copy formatting guidelines

Copy should be supplied on disk or via email in native files (Word, Excel, etc.) or as RTF or Text Only. Prepare your copy with a minimum of formatting. Excessive formatting delays the artist. The following dos and don'ts should guide you.

Do Not

  • Put two spaces between sentences (one is enough).
  • Put two returns between paragraphs.
  • Put a tab or spaces before the first word of a paragraph.
  • Use different fonts.
  • Use different size fonts.
  • Create charts or graphs of data.
  • Use all caps.
  • Indicate which "panel" copy should fall on.
  • Embed images in the document.
  • Underline text.
  • Use colored text.


  • Use bold and italic as needed.
  • Use one tab between items intended for a chart but do not enclose in a table.
  • Organize your information clearly with heads and subheads.
  • Include photos and images separately.
  • Provide hard copy of your text files.
  • Identify your program, or department clearly.

General Information for Use on Print Communications

Every piece produced for Pace University must include a phone number, the Web site address, and a personal contact. The appropriate addresses should be listed on the back panel of your communications. If appropriate, give some consideration to how you would like to translate your project to your Web site.