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Email Newsletters

The guidelines below will help you create a simple, easy-to-read, and useful newsletter that will quickly download to your subscriber's e-mail account. Outside the guidelines, newsletter editors are generally free to choose how best to display their content within the template frame.

Guidelines for E-Newsletters


  • Either the left, right, or both headers can be used.

Navigation and Table of Contents

  • Use an editorial paragraph with a description of the issue contents, or a bulleted list of links at the top. Or just rely on recipients to scroll through the stories without a table of contents.
  • Avoid using a sidebar with your issue's table of contents.
  • Avoid using bookmark links within the email.


  • Use smaller images of consistent size and border type.
  • Include an HTML caption below images or identify subject of photo as "pictured" within the story subtext [Example: On Wednesday, November 30, 2005, Susan Sokol (pictured), presented ...].
  • Images can be aligned all to one side or staggered left and right. A larger "featured" image, or a featured image sidebar, could be used. The Pace Pulse usually contains an example of this type of sidebar.

Text colors

Try to choose font colors that fall within the blues and golds of the Pace Web site template. A few CSS styles are included in the template.

E-Newsletter Template

An HTML template is available for university e-newsletters. Using the template will require knowledge of basic HTML and CSS. For help with the template, email

  • View the template
  • Download the template by right-clicking the above link, choosing "Save as," then opening the file in your HTML editor