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University Relations

Visual Identity and Logos

In order to foster institutional recognition, all print and electronic communications must share a common visual style. Consistent visual identity is reinforced through typography, color, and logo use. This makes each brochure, newsletter, advertisement, or invitation part of a larger family of communications and makes them more easily identifiable with Pace.

All Pace University promotional material must conform to the published visual identity system standards. Logos will be limited to those identified on this website and are to be used only on Pace University materials.

Pace University identification marks are to be used for University projects only. Any use of these marks on external websites, in publications sponsored by other companies or entities, or on merchandize of any kind must be approved by University Relations.

Logos and wordmarks should always appear in their true design. All Pace promotional materials must include the Pace University logo on the front cover in a prominent size and position, ideally in the lower right hand corner.

All printed material bearing the Pace logo must be approved by University Relations before printing.