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University Relations

College, School, Department and Program Identification

A uniform design has been created to identify the colleges, schools, departments and programs of Pace. This design is consistent with the Pace University "swoosh" logo. Whenever the name of a college or school of the University is used together with the Pace University logo, it must be presented as shown.

The school name should be set in the typeface Optima, at the same cap height as "University" in uppercase letters, centered below the logo. When identifying a program or office within the University, or when combining any other words with the logo, it must appear in upper and lower case. College, school, and program names must be printed in the same color as the type in the logo. This includes Pace blue, black, or white. Do not attempt to combine two or more school or program names into one logo.

Pace University logo: Pace blue and gold

  • School Name: Pace blue
  • Optima Upper Case, 95% horizontal scale, track +3
  • Same cap height as UNIVERSITY
  • Center one or two lines under logo using cap height as spacer