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University Relations

Getting Started with an Affiliated University Account

Are you planning on representing the University on social media? Here’s what you need to know before you create your new account:

All Schools/Colleges within the University; departments; academic programs; etc. must register their social media accounts with the Office of University Relations to gain “Affiliate” status. The social media accounts of registered Affiliates will be added to the University’s Social Media Center directory and social feeds. They will also be eligible to have their social media accounts and content promoted on the Official Pace University social media channels. By registering as a University Affiliate the managers of social media accounts agree to Pace University's Social Media Policy. Student-run social media accounts are not affiliated with Pace University. Pace University has not authorized and is not responsible for the content of this communication. The names “Pace University,” “Pace,” and all related indicia are the property of Pace University.

  • All affiliated Pace University social media accounts must be registered with the University. In addition to registering the account, the contact info for staff/faculty managing the account must be included on the registration form. Registration of new accounts is subject to approval by University Relations. Click here to register your account.
  • Picking your platform. There are a variety of social networks available for use, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. Examine your goals and strategy to properly determine which account(s) will be right for you.
  • Name your accounts properly*. Users and search engines alike should be able to easily identify that the account is affiliated with Pace University and/or is campus specific. For this reason Pace University has set up naming conventions for social media accounts:
    • Accounts including Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. must use the following naming convention:
      [Your Department Name] at Pace University
      Example: Marketing and Communications at Pace University
    • Campus specific accounts:
      [Your Department Name] at Pace University NYC or Westchester
      Example: Marketing and Communications at Pace University NYC
    • Twitter accounts: Use a short Twitter handle that remains easily identifiable as a Pace affiliate.
  • Use the correct branding. Follow Pace’s branding and identity guidelines for developing and designing accounts that ensure University visual and written style is maintained.
  • Strategize effectively. Each affiliated University account must have a strategy that defines the focus, audience, and goals of the account.
  • Develop your voice. Be aware of your audience and know who you are speaking to.
  • Be active and engaged. Social media happens in real time and administrators must have an active presence. Have a plan in place for round-the-clock monitoring, content streams, responses, interaction, and conversation.
  • Handle negative feedback appropriately. Determine the type of feedback you’ve received, e.g. a fixable problem, constructive criticism, merited feedback, or trolling. Once you’ve identified what type of feedback you’re dealing with, it makes it much easier to address. Keep in mind that customer service, positivity, and a fair resolution is your ultimate goal.

*NOTE: All affiliated accounts created prior to March 2014 have been grandfathered in and may keep their current names