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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the questions most often posed by our clients. Should you have a specific question that you would like answered, please email us. For questions about a print project, please read our Publications FAQ.

1. I want to create a new Web site. How do I start?
Contact Web Content Management in the department of Marketing & Communications. We will discuss your department's needs with you, help you plan out a timetable for getting your project online, and provide the necessary passwords and directions to use the University's content management systems (CMS).

2. How often should I update my Web site?
Depending upon the purpose of your site and your department, you may want to update your site every day or every month. The most important thing to remember is not to leave outdated or outmoded content on-line. As soon as an event is over, your staff changes, or a procedure is updated, your site should reflect those changes. This can be done by removing the old content, moving it to an archive section, or rewriting text (for example, changing future tense to past tense for an event). However, even if the information you are presenting is static and comes out infrequently (such as instructor bios, class descriptions, a monthly newsletter), there is always the opportunity to add new content, update information, or introduce new features to keep visitors interested.

3. My site looks great on my computer, but it looks strange on my co-worker's computer. What's wrong?
Monitor resolution is the biggest factor affecting your site's appearance, and it is also a factor that you, as the site builder, can't control. Monitor resolution is the number of pixels that are displayed on the screen - the higher the resolution, the larger your desktop area becomes. So a monitor with a 1024 x 768 resolution will have a larger on-screen display area than a monitor set to 800 x 600 resolution. When designing your site, it's a good idea to check how it looks at different resolutions.

Also keep in mind that every browser, and every new browser version, displays Web sites differently. Remember to check to formatting and display in both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

4. How do I put a feedback form/online chat/message board/other complex element on my page?
Instructions for creating a feedback form are included in the Site Enhancements section of the Web Tools site. Other complex elements may not be able to be created within the CMS Work Area. If you need a more complicated application to serve the needs of your visitors or to elicit certain kinds of information, Web Content Management would be happy to advise on additional programming for your site. Contact us to discuss the best way to incorporate those elements into your page.

5. I'm using Netscape Navigator as my browser. Why doesn't my Work Area come up?
Unfortunately, the CMS system is currently only compatible with an Internet Explorer browser window.

6. I don't see the CMS button at the bottom of my screen. Why?
For security reasons, the CMS button isn't visible until you log into the system. Go to the login page, type your username and password, then proceed to the Web page you want to edit. When you refresh your screen, the CMS button should appear at the bottom of your screen. Click "CMS," type your username and password for that page, and you should be logged in and ready to edit.

7. I noticed that somebody changed what I wrote on my site. Why were my words changed?
One of the professional services we provide is editorial. Editorial services includes much more than merely correcting typos. Our obligation is to ensure that all work is edited, copyedited, and proofread for grammar and style so that all communications products uphold Pace's professional image.

8. Can I put photos on my site?
Absolutely. For photo specifications, please read our Using Images and Linking to Files page.

9. Do I have to get permission to reprint a logo or image on my site?
Yes. It is essential that we legally obtain reprint and copyright permissions in order to use someone else's images, logo, or language. You should obtain the reprint/copyright permission language by contacting the company or person directly. You will be given the exact language to use whenever you reproduce the image, logo, or language.

10. How can I add an email newsletter for my department?
For email newsletter specifications, please read our Email Newsletter page.

11. I have some ideas about your site's design or organization. Are you interested in hearing them?
Yes! We are always interested in collecting feedback about Help us by filling out our feedback survey or email us your comments.