April 8, 2011 meeting minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council
April 8, 2011
Graduate Center, Room 208


Chairperson Pat Carolan called the meeting to order at 9:05.  It was followed by introductions.

One announcement came from Betsy Garti.  Take Your Children to Work Day will be on April 28.


The March meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s report:  The only monies that have been spent are on coffee for monthly meetings.


Committee reports:

Benefits report. Fran O’Gara - Deferring to Matt Renna’s presentation

Faculty Council: Karen DeSantis – meeting notes are on website

Service Committee: no report

Provost Search:  Pat Carolan.  Four candidates are moving forward.  Watch for a notice that they will be coming to campuses within the next month.

Picnic Committee: Anna Fishman.  We are considering having the picnic on a Wednesday or Thursday since many people will be taking Mondays and Fridays off to use up their vacation days in June.  Meeting attendees did not have a preference that the picnic must be on a Friday.   Theme will be based on a Bingo game using Pace University information.


Announcement:  Volunteers are still needed to help with both NY Undergrad and combined Graduate commencements.  Transportation will be provided from the PLV campus at 7:15 that Sunday morning and will return back after the second graduation ceremony.


New Business:  Nominations for the Executive committee are open and all positions are available.  Please email one of the executive committee members if you would like to nominate someone or yourself.



Matt Renna, Interim Associate Vice President for HR (Compensation, Benefits & HRIS)

Powerpoint presentation

Dental – no plan changes.  DHMO 3% increase and PPO 0% increase in cost to employee.

Ancillary Benefits – no plan changes

Medical – anticipated 22.1% renewal and the first offer from Cigna came in at 21.7%,

                No plan design changes, after negotiations final increase to employee & Pace is 15.9%.

                Next steps: Look at changes that drive and reward positive behavior, promote prevention & wellness, and will be using benchmark & marketplace data to make the plans better for the future.

To reduce the number of mailings, you can go online to My.Cigna.com and select to “go green” so all your statements will be online.

Medications:  sometimes medications are moved from Tier 2 to Tier 3 if a new generic has come out.  Have a conversation with your doctor about changing to an alternative (generic or other option) medication.  Consider mail order options for possible savings (CVS offers a three month refill for the price of two)

Health Care Reform act impacts:

·         Child dependents can be included in the medical family plan up to age 26.  (NY State has COBRA option up to age 29)

·         Flexible spending plan limit is now $2500 (was $8000)

Matt gave an Open enrollment online system demo.  Open Enrollment is scheduled to begin at the end of April through early May.  All your enrollment options are now on one page.  There is an option to save if you don’t complete it in one sitting.  Once you have completed it, you will get a confirmation email and you will not be allowed to go back in and make changes.  If you have no changes and have no flexible spending elections, your selections will automatically roll over.

Other Employee Voluntary Benefits:

·         Home & Auto Discount program from MetLife: group plan, discounts up to 20%, you contact them directly and get the discount.

Change to CIC College Tuition Exchange program: www.cic.edu

·         Employees are now able to have more than one child in the program.


Meeting adjourned at 10:20 am

Next meeting is May 6 with Said Reta – iStrategy.