September 18, 2002

Pace University’s
Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting on September 18, 2002
Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville

The meeting was called to order at 8:45am. Marie Petrocelli welcomed those in attendance. She discussed how employees could join the listserv by contacting Nikki Atkinson, the secretary, via email at Marie introduced each executive board member; new co-chair- Karen Geldhart, secretary- Nikki Atkinson, treasurer-Deanna Vatan. Introductions were made.


Marie Petrocelli announced that this year there will be a free raffle at every council meeting. The recipient can win a $20 gift certificate from Barnes & Noble. The object of winning is that you must be present at the time of the drawing at the end of the meeting. If you leave before the meeting ends, your name is placed back in the “pot” and you will have an opportunity to win at the next Pleasantville/ Briarcliff Administrative Council meeting.

University Wide Committee List:
Marie Petrocelli spoke about a need for people to join the University Wide Committee. The secretary, Nikki Atkinson, gave out a sign up sheet. Marie stated that if anyone wants to join the committee to please sign up, and she will contact the individuals on the list to see if they are still interested.

Connie Serafin from the health care unit stated that the health care unit has officially moved to the Goldstein fitness center (basement). Connie Serafin stated that the flu vaccine would be available at the Health Care Unit (located in the basement of the Fitness Center) on the Pleasantville campus on November 4th through November 8th @ 9:30. Connie Serafin announced that last year there was a vaccine supply shortage but they don’t expect a shortage this year. The new update is that the health care office is willing to accommodate the Briarcliff and White Plains campus as well instead of offering the vaccine at only the Pleasantville campus. The unanimous vote was that the health care unit would go to the Pleasantville, Briarcliff and White Plains campuses. The 2nd vote was to agree on the best day and time to administer the vaccine. The majority of the Administrative staff members agreed to November 5, 2002 @ 8:30 a.m. in the Basement of Woodward Hall, Briarcliff. Place and time to be determined for the Graduate Center in White Plains.
*Note*- You must wait in the Health Care Unit for 20 minutes after the flu shot is given. As an added benefit to faculty and staff the Human Resource Department has absorbed the cost ($10.00) of the vaccine. Spouses & children of Faculty & Staff can obtain the vaccine as well but would have to pay the $10.00 fee.

Deanna Vatan-stated Student Development needs Staff Advisors to support students in particular organizations. One in particular is the martial arts club. Anyone interested please contact Deanna Vatan at


Upcoming Events:

· Judy Shepard will be speaking on Oct 2nd 2002 at 7:30pm at the Goldstein Fitness Center. She will be speaking about her son Matthew Shepard and discussing the topic: “Hate Crime.” · “Diversity Day” on Thursday, October 10, 2002 from 11:00 – 3:30 at.
Topic: Gay & Lesbian Issues- speaker Tony Broner- from the human rights campaign. Performance by: Dred and a gender illusionists

· Diversity Team meeting Friday Oct 11th, 2002 at 9:30am in Birnbaum conference room.

· Blood drive Tuesday Oct 29th and Thursday Oct 30th. Place and time to be announced at a later date.

Approval of Minutes:

Marie apologized to the group for not having a copy of last years May 17, 2002 minutes regarding the election board.


Committee Reports:

Benefits Committee: Barbara McCarthy was unable to attend. Marie gave a brief benefits update. First we must have nominations for people to join the benefits committee that encompasses two positions for a minimum two-year term. A nomination sign-up sheet was passed around for members to signup for nomination for election. Maxine Sugarman, a former benefits committee representative, has received a new promotion and will now be located in New York City so the council is anxious to fill this one open position to join Barbara McCarthy on the Benefits Committee. The nominations will be done on the listserv. The meeting from July 30th, 2002 regarding retirement plans are still at a stand still there are no new changes at this time. Administration is looking to make changes and President Caputo brought 5-6 proposals to the table in regards to changing or leaving the plan. With the benefits committee support right now, no changes in retiree’s packages will be taking place. However, these meetings will continue throughout the year.

Pace University Advisory Council (PUAC) - Volunteers are needed for the PUAC.

Faculty Council: The executive board representatives went over the constitution.

Service Committee: Needs two volunteers to co-chair. One co-chair would chair for a one-year term. The other co-chair would chair for a two-year term. The constitution for the service committee board was amended last year so that new members are not starting from scratch. In the event that situations arise, the new member would have a support person to assist them.


Karen Geldhart, co-chair, introduced our first speaker. Joe O’Donnell from the Athletic Department discussed the Goldstein Fitness Center. The new fitness center is 75,000 square feet and contains the following:

  • A gym, 3 courts which allows students to choose between 3 different sport events/competions.
  • Accommodation for varsity volleyball games.
  • After 25 years Pace basketball games can now be held on site!
  • Concert Arena which holds approximately 2700 people for talent such as the Rolling Stones and Judy Collins.
  • Race track that is 8.5 laps to the mile. The track floor material is made specifically to be easier on the legs.
  • 5000 square fitness center workout area, which consists of equipment equal to or better than local competitors which includes: tread mills, free weights stair climbers track weights, a limit weight system (coming soon), a pounds and weights machine that tells you what your optimum weight is, microfit-which uses your body fat to determine safe cholesterol levels, etc, stretch test, and breath test which tells you where you are, where you should be after a workout. You may have to reduce/change your food intake. Dietary Program- evaluates what you eat and tells you what would benefit you. All information is put into the computer and it gives you a printout of where you should be.
  • The 8-lane 26-mile swimming pool will be done shortly. In about month, water will be put in the pool. The pool should be open the 2nd or 3rd week of October.

The Fitness center is open 6:00am-2:00am.

The basement includes:

  • Training room
  • Locker room Somers Orthopedic is available for Faculty, Staff or members. Jamie Nullen is the Chair of the Program. Other Programs: Stress management and weight reduction. Member Application:
  • 1 year $250.00 Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Spouse-$275.00 Research indicates rates are comparable to local competitors and if the Fitness Center should help improve retention rates.

Also coming is HBO in the Fitness Center. Connie stated there is an aerobics room, which is excellent. The class starts at 7:00am. There is a special aerobic room, which can be used especially for dancing which helps to reduce stress. You can buy a card for $20.00 to go to any class. The classes consist of:

  • Low impact
  • High impact

Tanya is the trainer and teacher for the class. What may also be coming shortly is ballroom dancing and salsa. Vinnie Gesue asked if there would be more classes after 5:00pm. Joe O’Donnell stated yes. Wherever the interest is the Fitness Center will try to accommodate. They will do classes at 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 7:00pm, just let him know. The more people interested they will adjust the schedule. If you have further questions, Joe O’Donnell can be reached at JO’

Karen (co-chair) introduced Michelle Russo, Director of Benefits who spoke about United Behavioral Health. Michelle Russo thanked the Administrative Council for giving her the opportunity to speak about this worthwhile program. The Behavioral Health program was announced in the summer, which President Caputo added as a new benefit to employees. The program is known as The Employee Assistance Program (live and work well) was formed to meet our needs as employees. President Caputo provided the funding because we were lacking in this area. Michelle Russo showed a power-point presentation. The cartoons displayed different scenarios that could happen in life. Problems with daycare, stress, nursing homes to name a few. This program became effective in 7/1/2002. This program is available to all full-time and part-time employees and their extended family (people who live in your household). All information shared is totally confidential. No one will know you called. Pace receives statistics only. Representatives are available 24 hours a day 7days a week, even when you are on vacation.

Examples of Services:

  • Coping with 9/11, feeling down, lost a loved one.
  • Problems with children spouse.
  • Closing on a house
  • Preparing a will
  • Adult/Elderly Care Services/Nursing Homes

Services are set up to provide help to employees. You are given counseling sessions on a need bases. The professionals you speak to are on a master’s level. The representative listens to you. If you need to be referred, a face-to-face session is recommended. The benefit covers six counseling sessions per member per incident. There are also legal financial services available. You get a 30-minute free consultation session. When you meet face to face you receive a discounted rate.

Please bare in mind they will not tell you what stocks to invest in. Problems with child/parent support sessions representative help arrange transportation. They do all the research for you. Response is done in a timely fashion. They also do research on diseases, medical supplies and stores that can help find the items you need. For education they do research on preschools and schools or colleges in your area. They also provide information on special programs for the gifted and talented, special education etc.

If you’re going on vacation and need a place for your pet, they can help. Need a passport, plumber (Pace will not pay for the plumber); they can refer you to get the help you need. This program deals with a wide area of issues on a daily basis. Mangers seeking advice in how to deal w/particular employee issues can use this program too. Example: a change in a high performance employee doing a good job to an employee who is no longer meeting the job standards. They can also help w/ideas about how to motivate employees.

The website consists of articles, on line chat and libraries. You can set up a personal site. You will need the Pace access code to use the site. The access code is 61530 or call toll free 1 866 248-4096 the website address website and telephone available 24/7. If needed, counseling can be ongoing. They will refer you to a provider under your medical plan. It’s recommended that United Behavioral Health use your plan in the event you go over your 6 sessions. If you do, then they will let you know. Referrals are with low cost agencies. They do the same across the country with other networks.

Michelle Russo stated that she would be back to speak again for adminstrative Council in Nov and in NYC on Oct 15th discussing United Behavioral Health to provide more information. Also TIAA-CREF will be at the Pleasantville Campus on Oct 3rd 10-11 in Goldstein 100, and at the NYC campus on Oct 1st. 2-3 in Board Room North & South discussing “Investment Strategies”. One-on-one 30-minute counseling sessions with vendors will be offered. Representatives include: TIAA-CREF, Fidelity, and T. Rowe Price. These programs are set up to help plan for the future.

Deanna conducted the raffle and the winner was Vinnie Gesue from the School of Education who won a $20 Barnes and Nobles gift certificate. Marie Petrocelli stated the next PLV/BR administrative staff council meeting would be Oct 9th @ 8:30-10:00. Guest speaker will be President Caputo.

Respectfully yours,
Nikki Atkinson


ADDENDUM: Karen Lolli from the Health Care Unit asked me to clarify that "the cost to active faculty/staff is $10.00; cost to students, retirees, alumni, family members is $15.00. Clinic hours will be announced by flyer at all campus locations."

Correction to the Health, Fitness and Recreation Center Member Application fees is that Students are free.