May 2004 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by Karen Geldart, co-chair.  Introductions were made.  April meeting minutes were approved.



Ø      Phyllis Bradbury: White Plains campus should be fully switched to new phones by 5/7.

Ø      Connie Serafin: Lienhard Secretary Carol Thomas is retiring and farewell breakfast is 5/7.

Ø      Karen DeSantis: Clout Toy Drive pictures will be up on the Council’s web site soon.  Committee for 1% Reduction of Administrative costs will have open session meeting 5/6 in PLV.

Ø      Frank Monaco: Len Sippel leaving University in July. Search Committee has been formed; 1st meeting to be held 5/21; chaired by Yvonne Ramirez; Council’s rep is Lynette Wailoo.

Ø      Geoff Harter:  Premium for mandatory Health & Sickness insurance coverage (for full-time domestic students) will remain the same as last year.  30% of population took it and there is a “waive out” capability that can be accessed online at


Committee Reports:

Benefits Phyllis Bradbury: Met on 4/16-first meeting in awhile so they organized topics to be researched and discussed including: HealthNet prescription plan; sub-committee on Work-Life policies. Long Term Care now administered by Met Life.


Faculty Council Karen Geldart: no meeting. Next to be held on 5/6


Nominations – Heather Novak: only 1 nominee for Treasurer and co-chairs for Service Committee. Still none for Co-chair or Secretary


Centennial – Heather Novak: 35 people are already on this committee that is chaired by Doug Whiting and participation is expected to increase.  Sub-committees have been formed. Celebration is to take place from Summer 2005-Summer2007.


Picnic – Maureen Doddy & Susan Deigan: Theme is Las Vegas.  Meetings will take place every week; volunteers needed; ask our departments to sponsor raffle prizes.


Guest Speaker:


Frank Monaco, CIO/Vice-President of DoIT

Outlined division’s Vision and Mission

Highlighted departments and respective managers/directors


VP Monaco directed attention to the DOIT website at



Project SPARTA 

This university wide initiative was instituted to streamline Pace’s major information systems including financial, human resources, student information and philanthropy.  Information on the progress of Sparta can be seen on



Information on system outages can be viewed at  This is helpful to check if you are having a slow down on your computer to see if it is the system or your machine.



VP Monaco asked that is you are having trouble with your computer to contact your IMO first.  They are the individuals who are DOIT’s first line of defense and can often help you trouble shoot a problem.  If they cannot assist you, you can contact the DOIT help desk which can be located at  Log-on is required.  Your username is your pace email address with out and currently the password is the  3-4-5-6 numbers of your SS number. 


There is also a knowledge base info available giving you directions on how to complete some tasks yourself,  i.e. how to set up a printer.


Karen thanked V.P. Monaco for his presentation.  An announcement was made that the vote on the service project discussion, an issue from the last meeting, would be put up for vote on the listserv and Karen encouraged people to sign up for the listserv if they had not already done so.


Raffle Winner: Karen DeSantis