February 2005 meeting minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 8:45 am by Joe Kelly, co-chair. Introductions were made. Minutes of the last meeting were approved.




  • Phyllis Bradbury: Midtown Center has new phones.  For conference call instructions go to doit website.    If you have any problems please access http://doithelpdesk.pace.edu
  • Barbara Cunningham: Ash Wednesday services will be held on Feb.9th in Butcher Suite and Dow Hall.
  • Geoff Harter: Directorial signs to the Butcher Suite are now in place and are accurate.
  • Dennis McDougall:  Blue lights were installed on road to town houses. These are emergency telephones with a red button that call security directly.  To request other services, go to http://tmatalk.pace.edu
  • Joe Kelly:  President’s Committee Search for a Chief Risk officer. Nominations will be requested through the listserv
  • Maryanne Hricky:  Interviews going on right now for Enrollment Management VP.
  • Benefits Committee: No meeting as of yet.  Will have one either in February or April.
  • Service Committee:  ACS Daffodil Day drive.   Order forms in by February 23rd.  Delivery of flowers on March 16th.
  • Faculty Council:  Karen DeSantis
    • Faculty council meeting began with Betty Torrance reading a statement about her past six years as council chair and what she hopes will bring us into the future at Pace.  Her main points were that the People of Pace are the Power of Pace.  She mentioned the Roger Bowen of the AAUP noted that Corporatization of the Academy doesn’t work – shared authority does.  The tension between faculty and administrators should help us and not break the University.
    • Marie Werner spoke about the preliminary results of her ad hoc survey. Noting that the survey was her idea and that she had no authority behind her questions just a wish to know more about why students are leaving Pace. She handed out a lengthy report of the 75 surveys she had received and said that there are more than a dozen still to be compiled.
      • There was a suggestion that these concerns should be addressed at the next community meeting where faculty, administrators, staff, and students can all meet and discuss them. The first community meeting for Spring Semester will be held on February 23.

    • President Caputo began by stating that there are 21 things under faculty in the survey that they should address and that he will look at the results further and address the administrative concerns. 
      • The discussions for a new Lubin building in the parking lot by PNY have been discontinued due to last minute costs being included by the building company.
      • Questions and Answers from the Financial presentations at PNY and a PLV will be available online.
    • Provost Joseph Morrealle noted plans for Friday classes that will have PNY students coming to PLV and vice versa are going well and that those classes may be offered in Fall 2005.

      • There has been extensive work, including some exit interviews of students, on the retention problem.  Three important things are: Rigor (the academics are worth the $), Relationships, and Service.
      • Students want more common hours to meet with their service groups and other students so common hours may be increased to three or four days a week.  The current plan is to increase common hour to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Fall 2005.
    • New Vice President for Financial Affairs Rick Whitfield spoke.  (see below for his presentation to this council.)

    • Betty Torrance asked for volunteers to be on the Search Committee for the Director of Government and Community Relations and the Center for the Downtown New York as Dan Slippen in no longer at Pace.   This prompted an enthusiastic discussion about hiring upper level administrators and not hiring faculty.

    • Faculty Affairs committee  is reviewing the Faculty Evaluation documents, the Integrity code, the common hour issue, departmental governance, and Intellectual property rights.  

    • Retention Committee - We had a shortfall of 45 students for the fall semester goal.   374 FT freshman, 199 transfers, 89 CAP students on PLV campus.  The spring acceptances are up.    Federal regulations have significantly cut into the number of International Students applying to Pace and to all United States colleges and universities.


Special Guest Speaker: Rick Whitfield  - Executive VP – Finance and Administration. 


Rick Whitfield has 27 years in higher education, 10 years as a youth counselor.  He comes to us from the University of Pennsylvania.


He is currently working on an Environmental Scan, which includes a scan of competition, students, faculty, and gifts.


Business Environment:

Effectiveness and efficiency

Trustees expectations are high.

Donations – 100 million dollar campaign.

March, more information on campaign.


HR payroll is now online.  Please make sure all your information is correct.


New Facilities:

Lubin Project Proposals.

Recreation Center

Market Opportunities – funded capital campaign


Looking into new academic programs with the provost and the deans.


All daily activities are colored with the Strategic Plan in mind.  Goals he highlighted were:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Remain Student Centered
  • Pace financial system
  • Centennial Celebration
  • Debt reconstructuring
  • Location for the Lubin School of Business in PNY
  • Assess all of our real estate
  • Space utilization

He plans to work on the following:

  • Student housing for fall
  • Budget refinement, (reduction)
  • SPARTA effectively maintained through the university
  • Monthly budget meetings with the deans and provost
  • Tuition for 2006
  • Assess procurement prices
  • Facilities – Budget process for projects
  • Auxiliary Enterprises – Dining budgets
  • Have presence on all campuses
  • Pace One card – going forward to giving cards to faculty

The search for a Chief Risk Officer is in the beginning phases.  That person should be able to answer the question: How well are we prepared to handle risks?  Person will focus on high-risk areas and be asked to work directly to f ix problems.

  • Assess
  • Strategy
  • Financial
  • Safe guarding our institution
  • Compliance
  • Reputation risk

Raffle won by Len Certa.