February 2007 meeting minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff
Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center, PLV





  • The Environmental Center is in the planning stages of Earth Month (April 2007). Please contact Angelo Spillo, Director of the Environmental Center, if you have any ideas/ suggestions.
  • The 2007 Middle School Scholars Program for Nursing and Health Careers, to interest middle school students in health careers and wellness, which is scheduled during the February break, is at capacity. However, another session will take place during the months of April and May. Please contact Connie Serafin for further information.
  • The University is in the midst of a medical plan review and has invited all staff/faculty to participate in a series of focus groups, in New York, Pleasantville, and White Plains, during the week of February 5, 2007. The next focus group will be held in Pleasantville on February 9. Please contact the Benefits Office, at X33810, to register. In addition, meeting attendees were encouraged to complete the online benefits survey.
  • Representatives from TIAA-CREF and Fidelity will be on campus during the spring semester for 1:1 counseling sessions. Please look for flyers and register for a session.
  • The authors of The Faith Club will be on campus on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Kessel Student Center. Admission is free, but attendees must register in order to establish accurate food counts. Please contact Heather Novak to RSVP or for further information.


Treasurer’s Report


  • Additional money, from last year, was added to the Council’s funds. Per Heather, we are in good shape for the picnic.


Committee Reports


  • Benefits Advisory Committee – No report.
  • Communications Committee – Those who previously expressed interest in joining this committee were asked to stay after today’s session to plan a future meeting.
  • Faculty Council Meeting, February 2, 2007 – Karen Desantis gave the following report: 

President Caputo has requested to attend closed faculty council meetings for a discussion period.  This prompted much discussion.  It was decided through a motion that the two closed meetings this semester in March and April would be open for the last twenty minutes and the President and Interim Provost will be invited to attend that part of the meeting.


President Caputo’s remarks and Q & A:
o        The Empire State Games will be held on campus in July 25 – 29.  We will be receiving further information.  The website for the games can be found at http://www.empirestategameswestchester.com/
We have 11 Fulbright finalists – the highest number ever.
o        The Board of Trustees has approved frozen tuition with an increased discount for the incoming class.  Guaranteed tuition will no longer be offered to new students but will remain in effect for current students.
o        The Maguire Report will be out in a limited capacity soon.
o        Forge Worldwide is a branding company that has created a new internal positioning statement that has been shared with the marketing task force.  It now moves into a creative expression phase. The new branding will allow for flexibility to give each campus and each school their own identity as a part of Pace University.  New information will be available in July.  Q: Is July too late for the Fall 2007 class? A: Yes it is too late for this year but will be implemented for Spring 2008 and Fall 2008.  Comment: Shocked that the University is putting needed resources towards a “new tagline.”
o        Q: The Dyson gift has been mentioned as getting a matching gift, where is it coming from? A: This gift will be coming through statewide funding.  There is no time frame for this money as we need to know more from the state level.
o        Q: Distinguish the role of President from the role of the Provost.  A: The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer and should be focused on faculty interests.  Must ensure a rigorous academic program while working with Deans and President.  Also must understand that the Board of Trustees has the final say in decision making process.  The President has overall leadership of the University, both internal and external.  Must do fundraising and ensure that the viewpoint of the University is presenting in public debates.  Works with Vice Presidents, Boards of Trustees.
o        Q: How are the enrollment figures for Spring? A: February 23 is the final deposit date (snapshot) but it doesn’t appear that we made up any ground.  At this time we have 134 fewer students in PLV from last spring.  This is also about 700 fewer students from the projected number of students.


Geoffrey Brackett (Interim Provost) Q&A:
o        Q: How can you increase morale? A: I want to help Pace move forward.  I ask myself, “What can I do better as far as efficiencies and procedures to make the jobs of faculty more efficient?”


Student Affairs Committee: Community Meeting will be held on February 28, from 12:20pm – 1:15pm, in the Gottesman Room.  The first half of the meeting will be devoted to academics and the second half will be for other issues.  Please attend.


Cindy Goldstein, from the Board of Trustees, attended the Student Government      Association meeting last Friday. 


Faculty Affairs Committee: Faculty Evaluation Performance Review document is with NY     Faculty Council, Faculty Affairs Committee, for review.  Richard Kraus (Lubin) noted that, based on a number of budget discussions, a salary freeze may occur for most Pace employees.  This prompted more discussion and a motion was made and passed that if there is a salary freeze, faculty who are not up for tenure will not participate in the faculty evaluation process.  Faculty who are up for tenure will need to participate in evaluations so that they are considered for tenure.  

(Note: Yvonne Ramirez has accepted the Council’s invitation to speak about the status of 2007 merit increases at the April 4 Westchester Administrative/Staff Council meeting. Due to a scheduling conflict, she is not able to attend the March 7 meeting; however, she has offered to meet with the Council’s executive officers to give a briefing prior to the March 7 meeting.)


New Business


  • Marianne Hricay, Planning/Assessment/Research, will be chairing the Daffodil Days campaign this year. Delivery will be the week of March 26, orders will have to be placed by March 14. Please be prepared to sign up to help at the March 7 meeting.
  • Dan Botting, Center for Community Outreach, reported that the December 2006 Clout Toy Drive was a great success. Please contact Dan if you did not receive the e-mail containing “Thank You” notes.
  • Lynne Byrne, Associate Dean, Lubin U/G Advisement - NY, will be the staff representative on the Board of Trustees’ Standing Committee on Staff Relations. Concern was expressed that she may not be familiar with the concerns of Westchester staff. Gail Weldon will communicate with Lynne to see if she can meet with the Council membership prior to, as well as after, the next Board of Trustees meeting.
  • Regarding the picnic on June 15, 2007, no one has volunteered to chair this important committee; therefore, everyone will take part in making the picnic a success. The attendees agreed on a “beach” theme. Anna Gagliardi (Lienhard) volunteered to purchase decorations. Susan Deigan (DoIT) will compile a list of all picnic-related tasks. Tasks will be assigned at the next Council meeting on March 7, so please be sure to attend.
  • Nominations, for the 2007-2008 Westchester Administrative/Staff Council executive committee, will be held at the April 4th meeting. We are looking for nominations for Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Voting will take place at the May 2 meeting, provided that there is a quorum of 20 Council members. Please plan to attend both of these meetings.