January 2008 Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff
Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center, Pleasantville



Debbie Holtman, Mary Ann Peotoek, Chris Ojar, Christina Conte, Heather Novak, Kathi Reczek, Christine Stephens, Michele Camardella, Fran O’Gara, Dan Botting, Jim Marshall, Gail Weldon, Pat Milo, Sue Deigan, Mary Ellen Humphrey, Karen DeSantis, Aisha Moyla, Betsy Garti, Linda Maccarrone, and Peggy Carraccio.




Betsy announced that a new Weight Watchers at work will begin 1.31.08 at 1 PM.  It will be a 12 week program and $144.  Pace employees have lost over 200 pounds through the first two sessions.  Contact Betsy at egarti@pace.edu for more info.


Treasurer’s Report:


Christina announced that we needed to add this month’s breakfast cost to our budget. An amended budget tally is forthcoming.


Committee Reports:

  • Benefits Committee – Fran announced that there will be two meetings this Spring.  Michele Russo-Ramirez announced that C-Biz has taken over Beni-Source, which means there will be some “transitioning” including:  new flexi-spending cards (the old ones won’t work) and account balances may not be available online.  On the plus side we will be able to submit claims online via the website.  For questions contact Michele Russo-Ramirez at mramirez@pace.edu
  • Middle States Representative – Karen Desantis updated the council on the progress of the university self-study.  All reports are due to the committee by the end of January.  Staff who are interested in knowing more about this group are encouraged to contact Karen at kdesantis@pace.edu
  • Faculty Council Representative – Karen Desantis reported on the Provost Council Meeting held on 12/9/07 which included presentations on retention and the investigation of block scheduling.  Faculty council included the proposal of an exploratory committee focused on standards in the classroom and class conduct.  If there are students you identify as "at risk" either considering leaving the university, or having general problems, please report them to success@pace.edu  The interim strategic plan was released.  The purpose of the grievance committee was discussed and explored.
  • Picnic Committee –Thanks to Betsy and Carol for leading up the committee this year!!
  • Service Committee – Dan Botting thanked everyone for the success of the toy drive.  There were some logistical issues discussed and it was suggested that the deadline for gifts be earlier and that mail services should be notified next year.


New Business:


Guest Speaker: Aisha Moyla, Director Government and Community Relations

  • Staff includes VP Meghan French, Assistant Robert Schepp, and Director Aisha Moyla.

  • This office represents legislative, government and community interests of the university.

  • Events include brings officials to campus and bringing students to officials.
  • The office stresses the importance of partnerships.
  • Powerpoint presentation is available upon request.

Next Council Meeting will be held at 8:30 AM on February 6, 2008 in Butcher Suite



Respectfully Submitted,


Heather Novak, Secretary

Westchester Administrative Staff Council