February 7, 2014

Westchester Administrative Staff Council

February 7, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.

The meeting, which was video-conferenced with NY Staff Council members, took place in Miller Hall, Room 16, and in One Pace Plaza, Room E319.

Guest speakers: Beth Gordon, George Chacko, and Jermain Smith

The guest speakers provided a presentation on technology at Pace.  The Academic Technology and Educational Media departments work directly with staff, faculty and students to meet their technology needs. 

Academic Technology, led by Beth Gordon, Executive Director, supports programs such as ePortfolio, Digital Measures, Blackboard Collaborate, and digital storytelling.   Its staff works one-on-one with staff, faculty, and students, in addition to leading demonstrations and workshops.  Academic Technology’s office is located on the second floor of Costello House.

The Ed Media staff, managed in Pleasantville by George Chacko, sets up classroom technologies and provides support for classroom needs, including: setting-up and training for ECHO360; booking and maintaining video conference rooms; supporting digital signage; and providing technology support for events.  Ed Media’s PLV department is located in Miller Hall, Room 31.  It was noted that Room 30 is the movie room, and Room 32 contains the panoramic, or interactive, white board.  There will be a demonstration of the panoramic board on February 14 at 1:30pm in Miller Hall, Room 32.

There is a balance between having all smart boards, as students and their parents expect, and the faculty that need to learn how to use them.

It was stated that the student technology fee collects about $1.8M annually.  There is a proposal form online to request use of those funds.

Jermain Smith, Director, Technical Support (School of Education) provided a presentation of a demonstration of the Avatar, which is used for training student teachers at a cost of $125 per hour.



Edward Goralski from OPARAS distributed a handout about our participation in the Middle States accreditation.

Luciana Ziegler polled the council members to determine if Human Resources should offer “Staff Appreciation Day” on the same day as the staff picnic.  The overall consensus was that it would pull potential volunteers away from the picnic, and should therefore be offered in conjunction with a different staff event, such as Staff Development Day.

Bonita Atkinson reported that the Office of Administration Survey is open and she requested members’ participation.  The council members asked if a review of the closing policy can be included in the survey, in light of the recent opening when conditions were poor.  It was stated that the ultimate decision maker of school closings is the Provost, therefore questions pertaining to the closing policy do not belong on the survey.


Amanda Scully reported on Master Plan updates:

Construction is on schedule even with the inclement weather experienced.  The frame for the Environmental Center building is up and the concrete will be poured shortly.   The Farm House move is expected to happen in the next few weeks, most likely over a weekend.  Updates will be posted on the website.  Andron Construction was selected to be the construction manager for the Athletics component of the plan.

Construction announcements have been ongoing and the website is current.  The website address is http://paceplvmasterplan.com/index.html#.  Signage should be up on the fence by the end of the week, weather permitting.  Web cameras have been taping.  Amanda will be reaching out to Dr. Luskay to work with her class on developing a time-lapse video to highlight the construction.

We are working on finalizing the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and project budget. We are meeting with the President on Feb 12 and hope to have the contract for the Residence Halls and Kessel finalized soon after that meeting.

Regulatory Approvals
We anticipate filing the construction documents in the next two weeks for the Residence Halls and Kessel with the Town of Mount Pleasant to begin construction on these buildings.

FY15 capital projects have been approved, and departments began to get notified as to whether or not their requests were approved.  Once all departments are notified, the details may be shared with the Administrative Staff Council.


New Business
The January meeting minutes were not yet ready for review or approval.

Treasurer’s Report
We have $5,247 remaining in our budget for the picnic.  The New York Administrative Staff Council graciously transferred $100 from its budget to the WASC budget so that it could afford a catered breakfast without using the funds that were budgeted for the annual staff picnic.

Benefits Committee
No report.

Faculty Council Representative
No report.

Picnic Committee
No report.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.